Breath for Life

Breath for Life

We started this series of articles with a look at our health in my article,Breath for Life Articles “The Fountain of Youth Within”. Since then we have explored good nutrition and exercise. This article will look at the importance of breathing. Yes, breathing. You may say that, I think I have got this one down pat” but a closer look and you will see that if you are a typical shallow breather, you are missing out on a key to great health benefits and long life.

You have probably heard that a person can live up to 110 days without food and up to 16 days without water but we all know that a person can only live a few minutes without breathing. I like to call deep breathing the “breath for life,” because it takes oxygen to every cell in the body. We know that cells will die unless they get sufficient oxygen. The way you can get enough of this life giving element is through inhaling oxygen and air through the nose. A simple but very important principle that is mostly overlooked.

There are many great sources for breathing exercises. I will list a few below. This article is mainly to help you understand basic deep breathing so you can replace shallow breathing and enjoy the benefits that plenty of fresh air can give you.

Basic deep breathing is taking clean fresh air in through the nose and out through the mouth. You need to breathe deeply enough that it actually almost hurts when you breathe. Do this morning and night, no less than five or ten minutes. Be sure that the air is as fresh and clean as possible. This will start the day and finish the day off with energy and vitality. When done just before retiring at night, you will experience the best and most relaxing sleep. Remember to always check with your health care provider for your specific situation.

Here are some helpful links on deep breathing:
• Super Power Breathing For Super Energy — Paul Bragg (This is my personal favorite)
• Discovery Health Deep Breathing (Information)
• Other sources can be found with a simple internet search

The next eUpdate article will discuss the “Miracle of Fasting”.

Health has everything to offer if you are willing to indulge. Start today to make these suggestions a part of your new lifestyle. Enjoy good health and long life!

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