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Are you having trouble with maintaining your skin care during the the harsh winter season? Welcome to the club! But do not fret since there are still very practical ways for a perfect skin care even during winter.

The activities of your mind and body are governed by three psycho-physiological energies known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha, as per the philosophies of ayurveda. Having perfet balance of this three energies is important for your good health. Once even one of these energies became imbalanced, your health may suffer.

Further, these three energies are associated with a season. Vata, which qualities are dry, rough and cool, rides higher than usual in most people’s physiologies during winter. Once mid-October to mid-February comes, Vata begin to show signs into people’s physiologies. This is the time when we feel that our skin is dry and flaky. We feel the experience of having disappointingly chapped lips and dry, brittle hair. So, once these manifestations begin to annoy you, you will soon experience more aggravating conditions. Your skin may be the worse hit.

This is the time when you should be “armed” with the knowledge of important ways to keep Vata dosha in balance. These ways will prevent Vata-associated skin problems that may occur during the winter season. So take not of the following and be well-guided:

1.Do not expose your skin to freezing temperatures and drying cold winds that are usually the elements brought about by the harsh winter. You can prevent exposure by dressing warmly in layers and wearing a hat, scarf and gloves whenever you have to go out during cold weathers. Natural lip balm should be used to protect your lips from drying. If you have none available, a light layer of ghee or clarified better will do.2.Using a rich, natural moisturizer will protect your facial skin from cold winds and dry air of heaters. You can apply this at least twice a day. Remember to apply it after cleansing though.3.If you have a naturally dry facial and body skin, give it additional lipid support by doing oil replenishment about three or four times a week. A nourishing base oil like almond can be a good option. 4.During winter, do a routine pre-bath warm oil self-massage to keep your skin silky smooth and tones the muscles. It will also help to calm nerves and aid in circulation. Almond or sesame oil are very much recommended for use in this kind of massage.5.To prevent the dryness and cracking of your feet’s skin, which tends to occur more during winter, give your feet a relaxing soak at night about three times a week. You can use a large, wide-mouthed bowl with warm water for a quick foot bath. Then, rub herbal lotion, some shea butter or almond oil on your feet after the soak. 6.if your skin is very dry, it is not recommended to bathe more than once a day. Warm water is ideal temperature for a bathe or shower and it is gentler for the skin. Do not use very hot water.

Aside from these skin care tactics, eating the right foods that would help in nourishing the skin and drinking lots of water are among the best and original ways of facial and body skin care. By doing a holistic approach in caring for your skin, you will surely get the best results. -30-

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