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Only recently is science beginning to uncover the reasons why nature’s most amazing antioxidant Pycnogenl is improving millions of lives. The benefits of Pycnogenol extend well beyond fighting free radicals. Taken daily research shows it delivers a whole spectrum of health improvements from a reduced risk of many diseases including heart disease, cancer, diabetes and arthritis to improved heart health and circulation, healthier skin and eye health, enhanced immune health, action against inflammation and menstrual disorders and economy class syndrome and facial ageing!

The science

Pycnogenol has been demonstrated in various studies to be one of the most powerful natural antioxidants. At the University of California Berkeley Dr Lester Packer showed that Pycnogenol is more powerful than Vitamins C & E – in fact so powerful that it recycles oxidised (spent) Vitamin C back to the bioactive form and protects Vitamin E from oxidation. Further Dr Benjamin La at the Loma Linda University California discovered that Pycnogenol stimulates production of antioxidant enzymes inside cells thus re-enforcing their own first defence line against free radicals. More staggering – research at the University of Tokyo Japan suggests the antioxidant potential of Pycnogenol to be 5 times more potent than grape seed extract, 9 times more potent than Vitamin E and 45 times more potent than CoQ10!

In everyday life our bodies generate free radicals. These chemically unbalanced particles cause damage to our cells by oxidising them in the same way that an apple goes brown when exposed to the air or metal becomes rusty when exposed to air and moisture. Free radicals are dangerous and scientists believe exposure of the body to damaging oxidation is the major cause of ageing and many degenerative diseases. As a super antioxidant – Pycnogenol quenches and overcomes the assault of free radicals – but it does so much more!

In fact this simple extract could be a major and dramatic step to improving the overall quality of health and life. It has a whole catalogue of positive health benefits – proven in clinical studies and as yet more research is published consumers reap the health benefits of this amazing extract by incorporating it into their daily lifestyle routines.

The benefits – Look, feel and live better!

Antioxidant defence: Pycnogenol is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants ever discovered. Used everyday as a food supplement it fights harmful free radicals in our bodies to defend against damage caused by cell oxidation. Behaving like ‘hot sparks’ escaping from an engine they damage everything they touch so if left unchecked can result in degenerative and age related diseases.

Reduced risk of heart attacks and strokes: Pycnogenol normalises the activity of blood platelets responsible for blood clots. It helps reduce platelet ‘stickiness’ particularly with high risk factors – smoking, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and old age and helps maintain healthy platelet aggregation whilst protecting the inner lining of blood vessels. It also supports healthy blood pressure and normalises healthy cholesterol levels. In some ways Pycnogenol acts like aspirin but the great advantage of Pycnogenol is that unlike aspirin it crucially does not extend the blood clotting process during an injury or increase the possibility of ulcers or internal bleeding.

Circulatory Health: Pycnogenol helps improve circulation be relaxing the constriction of arteries and other blood vessels caused by stress hormones adrenaline and nor adrenaline. Thus Pycnogenol has an anti stress function supporting a better blood flow during periods of stressful living. Studies have also shown that Pycnogenol improves microcirculation due to the increased diameter of micro vessels in, elderly people with better circulation in the fingertips, toes and facial extremities.

Skin Health: Pycnogenol binds to collagen in the skin to maintain skin elasticity a characteristic associated with youth that keeps the skin firm and prevents wrinkles. Pycnogenol also improves microcirculation of the tiny skin capillaries supporting better oxygen and nutrient supply and better hydration as well as protecting against the damage of sunburn and photo ageing. The result fewer wrinkles and smoother skin with a healthy and vibrant glow and tone.

Diabetes Health: Diabetic Retinopathy is one of the major causes of deteriorating eyesight and blindness. The disease occurs because elevated glucose levels in the blood react with the capillaries of the retina resulting in brittle and swollen walls. This leads to blood leaking into the retina, which limits oxygen and nutrients from reaching the retina and lowers sensitivity of the eye to light causing gradual vision loss and possible blindness. Pycnogenol seals leaky capillaries in the eye caused by diabetes and stops and in some cases reverses vision loss and improves sharpness of vision.

Hay Fever: Pycnogenol according to several clinical studies inhibit the release of histamine thus preventing the immediate reaction towards a challenge with an antigen. Since this powerful antioxidant is an anti-inflammatory, it inhibits production of pro-inflammatory mediators. Pycnogenol relieves the swelling, reduces hives and helps make breathing easier.

Hyper Pigmentation (Melasma, Chloasma): Common conditions affecting the face in particular and mainly affecting women related to hormonal balance – as oral contraceptives, pregnancy and recent birth coincide with melasma. Pycnogenol in clinical trials have been shown to reduce both the area and intensity of over pigmented skin.

High blood pressure: Pycnogenol tackles high blood pressure as well. Clinical studies at the University of Arizona have found that people with mild forms of hypertension not taking any medication had significantly reduced systolic blood pressure in response to Pycnogenol supplementation. In another clinical study, patients with high blood pressure and on medication taking Pycnogenol supplements were able to cut their medication dosage in half!

PMS: In a clinical study, Japanese scientists have found that women with either endometriosis or severe menstrual pain have found that 73% of women suffering PMS experienced significantly reduced menstrual cramping and abdominal, pain with Pycnogenol.

Oral Health: Pycnogenol can also significantly reduce gum bleeding by sealing the fragile oral capillaries and reduces the level of plaque formation.

Enhanced endurance, stamina and energy: Strenuous exercise although beneficial actually produces a large number of damaging free radicals. By counteracting free radical production, Pycnogenol releases constricted blood vessels, improves circulation and blood flow and improves the optimum supply of nutrients and oxygen to the body enhancing endurance and stamina by up to 21%!

Swollen legs and feet: Many women often experience this often-painful condition, which is the result of fragile veins allowing liquid to seep into the tissue. As this process is gravity force driven primarily the lower legs ankles and feet get swollen. This is more than just a cosmetic problem because if left untreated ulceration and necrosis could result. Pycnogenol helps reduce swellings of the lower legs and the corresponding pain as well as other typical symptoms in venous disorders.

Glucose Reduction: According to new clinical studies people with Type 11 diabetes had lower blood sugar and healthier blood vessels after supplementing with Pycnogenol.

Asthma: Clinical studies carried out at the University of Arizona showed that after taking Pycnogenol asthmatics noted significant improvements in breathing and air flow a result of Pycnogenol’s capability to reduce inflammatory mediators in the blood that cause constriction of the bronchi and consequent airway obstruction.

Bio Pycnogenol Natural Antioxidant Bioflavanoids Pine Bark Extract
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