Bigger, Badder Infections Spreading in Clusters


Doctors around the country are facing patients who come back with infections that are not cured by the antibiotics they prescribed. A staph resistant bacteria strain is becoming more and more common and our doctors need to start draining abscesses and taking cultures again. The new resistant staff requires fast treatment with specific antibiotics such as Cipromyacin and macrolids. Natural substances that fight and prevent bacterial infection include colloidial silver, Transfer Factor, garlic and Samento. Daniel Jernigan, an Epidemiologist at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is quoted as saying “Staph infections are such a common problem that the emergence of infections resistant to common antibiotics has important public health implications.”

Dr. Bonnie Bock, an infectious disease specialist in Newport Beach, California says “Most doctors are just not aware of this.” She has treated whole groups of secretaries, gay men and others for the resistant staph infections. She estimates two-thirds of the staph abscesses she currently encounters are caused by the resistant strain. These infections are unexpectedly aggressive; they multiply faster and make more of a toxin that inhibits our immune systems. If they aren’t treated with the right antibiotics quickly, they can easily become life threatening.

According to Elizabeth Bancroft, a medical epidemiologist at the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, around the year 2002 the incidence of staph resistant infections rose dramatically in the Los Angeles area. Then, during the spring of 2004, The Angeles Health Department was informed of a mini-epidemic of staph infections in a group of healthy newborns as well as an outbreak in a county jail, a cluster of infection within the gay male community and a cluster in a professional football team; the bacteria causing the outbreaks were nearly identical.

Furthermore, a study of children with staff resistant infections proved that at least 30% of people in close contact with the children had similar infections at the same time as the children. The mini-epidemics and studies have proven how easily spread this bacterium is between people in close contact. Even something as small as chaffing from undergarments can provide an entrance for the bacteria into your body, according to the CDC.

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