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Premature ejaculation, reduced sexual performance …???

You may be surprised to learn that nutrition and sex are closely linked – and it has nothing to do with chocolate!

Science has linked reduced sexual performance and increases in infertility to compounds in our toxic environment, poor nutritional habits and excess stress – all factorsthat are, to a certain degree, within our control.

According to the American Infertility Association, an estimated 10% of couples in the U.S. are infertile. And around the world, lower sperm counts are being reported in men, with the blame belonging, in part, to the increase of toxic and hormone-active chemicals in the environment.

As a result of these problems, many people turn to medication and invasive therapies for a “cure” when lifestyle changes and natural products may be all that is required to improve their sexual performance and fertility. Simply put, by improving your diet, limiting your exposure to hormone-active chemicals and supplementing with vitamins, minerals and herbs you may be able to bolster your sexual and reproductive health. .

Throughout the world, many cultures use native plants and herbal extracts toenhance sexual desire and energy levels. Botanicals such as Catuaba, Maca, Muira Puama, Epemedium, Grandiflorum,and Tribulus Terrestris have been traditionally used to support the male system. Dong Quai,BlackCohosh, Red Raspberry, Red Clover, and Cranberry help support and balance the female reproductive system, including hormonal levels.

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