Bad Breath – Is it destroying your confidence?


Whilst this may sound like a weird heading to be linking confidence and bad breath together many sufferers of breath problems will know exactly what I mean.

How often have you turned your head slightly when talking to someone to avoid breathing on them? Or had someone comment on how bad your breath smells. It is like being slapped in the face. No body likes it including me. But there is a way to control it or even stop it all together.

In the following page you will find out exactly how I overcome bad breath and some of the finer details about breath related problems.

What causes Bad Breath?

In most cases bad breath (halitosis) is caused by or related to oral bacteria. The wastes of oral bacteria are actually sulfur compounds and it is usually these compounds that will be the cause of your bad breath.

The build up of plaque can also largely contribute to the production of oral bacteria. It only takes a layer of .1 to .2 of a millimeter of plaque to provide an environment in which this bacteria can flourish.

What about foods, can they be a cause?

Absolutely, eating foods and drinks such as garlic, onions, cheese, orange juice, soda, meat product, dairy products and high protein foods.

Also when food becomes lodged between your teeth and around the gums it lends a very big part in the production of oral bacteria.

How do I treat bad breath.

In almost all cases bad breath is caused by a problem of some sort in the mouth. In which case it stands to reason that a visit to the dentist can help determine what is wrong. In the case that you may need dental treatment this may be the cause of your problems.

However if no oral cause can be found then it is possible that a trip to a clinic or practice that specializes in bad breath is required.

Bad Breath – What you can do to prevent it.

That being said I suffered a rude awakening when my girlfriend started commenting on my breath problems (being a dental nurse I respect her opinion in this regard). So I consulted my dentist.

I was told to floss regularly, shown how to brush properly and also suggested I use closys II as a mouth wash.

I have not had bad breath since I have started using Closys II and in my opinion is the best mouthwash out. To read more about Closys II go to

Here are the steps outlined below that you can use to prevent bad breath

Brush regularly twice a day if possible.
Ensure that you floss each day.
Make sure you drink enough water (This can help flush your mouth of unwanted food particles)
Use a mouthwash after brushing. For best effect do this at night time.

I have followed these simple steps and no longer worry about bad breath. Neither will you if you put some of the points in this article to good use.

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