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The modern world that’s before us, offers us the access to anythingThat we would like to, hence we no longer need to walk long distances, nor do we need to spend the same amount of energy that our parents or grand parents would have spent to do a job, for motors and machines have occupied the position and have replaced manual work…

This site is dedicated to some of the common ailments that have started affecting the MANKIND just because of these developments that has happened to the human race…

The first ailment, which I have preferred to discuss, is about BACKACHE. Days are gone when only people above 40 used to have the chances of getting BACKACHE, Now No matter you are young or old, BACKACHE can attack you, that to when you expect it the least…it comes to you without any warning. so Beware…a small act like bending and taking your dropped possession can cause backache. The reason I chose BACKACHE, as the first topic for discussion is that, BACKACHE is the chief reasons for absence from work. Several million man-hours are lost due to BACKACHE.

The reason for this is the sedentary life style that the human race has started to adopt. (Modern developments)

To look at the clinical reasons, as we get older the changes that occur in the spine too can cause BACKACHE.

We get a little shorter, from bone shrinkage, there is a lot of thinning of the discs and spine develops arthritic spurs.

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