Back Pain; A New Therapy

Back Pain; A New Therapy

A new non-surgical treatment for back pain has been given clinical trials at
several teaching hospitals. These trials were done on people who had been
referred to a neuro-surgical department because other,Back Pain; A New Therapy Articles non-surgical, treatment
had been ineffective.

This new therapy is ‘vertebral axial decompression therapy’ [VAX-D] and has been
issued a new U.S. patent. VAX-D is a therapeutic table, invented by Dr. Allan
Dyer, former Deputy Minister of Health, Ontario, and who is the pioneer in the
heart defibrillator research.

The VAX-D table has been proven to be a reasonably effective means of
decompression therapy for managing herniated and/or degenerative lumbar discs.
In the research trials, the degree of significant remission of symptoms attained
after 10 daily therapy sessions was 70 % – after other procedures, including
physical and chiropractic treatment, had failed.

A follow-up of patients, up to 12 months, did not find any unexpected level of

VAX-D is not a cure-all for all back problems but surgery should be used for
patients failing to respond to this more conservative approach.

While the majority of patients find this VAX-D procedure effective, and are able
to regain a functional level of activity after 15 to 20 sessions, there are some
that fail to respond. This treatment is quite safe, without complications, once
abnormal conditions, i.e. fractures or congenital defects requiring other
procedures, have been ruled out.

Most people with low back pain and sciatica experience relief of pain and are
able to return to their usual activities after therapy. This usually consists of
18 sessions of 30 minutes each on the VAX-D Therapeutic Table.

Some more difficult cases may require ongoing VAX-D maintenance.

Patients with such conditions as tumors, fractures, severe osteoporosis or other
defects are not candidates for this therapy.

This therapy is available throughout the U.S. and Canada at VAX-D clinics.

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