Is your remembering capacity fails you?

Because of our squeezed daily timetable,ART OF REMEMBERING. Articles thriving for life; people’s minds are always too clogged to think properly thus making their remembering capacity go down you know why?

My friend Charles has been searching in vain for almost sixty minutes, trying to find the bunch of this office keys. He has forgotten where he put it last night and yet this is not the first time he meet the problem. It dawned to him that his remembering capacity has gone down. He couldn’t find keys and hadn’t the slightest idea where he placed them. He searched his bedroom, the living room, and even the kitchen has been turned upside-down!

Have you ever found you self in the embarrassing situation of the like? Where some one’s names escape your memory just as you are forgotten a friend’s name you are about to introduce to your fiancée? Are you afraid that you might be suffering from memory lapses? If thus, you are not alone at that1 thousands of people go through the same experience every minute.

According to biology study, memory (power of remembering) is not a little file cabinet in your brain that you can open at a desired time you wish and pick whatever you want easily.

It’s a whole series of more complicated mental process. Think of it as SCAFFOLD (putting up structure for workmen to stand on while building walls) so the more scaffolding is built up in a given knowledge are, the more places there are to put things.

It is more successful to store information by writing of telling other people about it, because memory tends to retrieve things relevant to a current situation and to filter out any confusing information. That is why you may not remember the name of an office mate when you run into her at a market place.

When you know a lot about something you are able to make connections an average person finds impossible to make. This is according to scientists who term it as CHUNKING. Pulling stored information chunks rely on external cues

If you happen to see a live event or action-taking place, the memory will always be live whenever you meet the persons involved. But occasionally, the retrieval system gets clogged; well, you know a name all right, but you cannot spit it out. Of course the problem here is that some competing memory is firmly holding one name at the top of your mind so another name can’t muscle through.

The most common complaint in memory is inability to remember names; it is one thing to forget the name of an acquaintance and another thing is to draw a complete blank when you are about to introduce the your boy friend to your father. It doesn’t matter how much you were prepared for the occasion or how much you rehearsed the name, when the time comes for you to term the name, you get clogged and no one can come for your rescue but embarrassment.

After consulting therapists, I have come to the conclusion that anxiety is also linked to the blanking out of memory and when it happens, there isn’t much we can do about it

Causes of inability to remembering are: –

Stresses, anxiety, loss of sleep, others are, taking of too much caffeine and when you don’t eat well. All this impairs our memory. However, severe absentmindedness can be are symptom of chronic anxiety.

It may sound quite obvious but if you find yourself forgetting little but important thing; try to carry a notebook, avoid overworking yourself, have are work time table. You also can have a weekend stroll and rest so as to keep your mind at ease. You are also urged not to take too much alcohol, caffeine and do not sleep late.

The key to finding objects around your office and at home is-good organization and consistent placement of things. Keep everything in likely spot; do not mix things (everything should have its proper place). Things should not be kept at random. And mark you, DO NOT FORGET AGAIN!

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