Arousal, Orgasm, and Sleep


Trouble getting to sleep? You’re not alone– sleep disorders plague millions of people. You may not be surprised to hear there’s evidence that sexual stimulation and a good orgasm can help.

Sexual stimulation and orgasm help you sleep by causing your brain to secrete neurochemicals to induce sleep. For instance, sexual stimulation and arousal send a signal to release dopamine, which helps kill pain and leads to relaxation. In addition, orgasms cause the brain to release the hormone oxytocin, which helps induce sleepiness within twenty to thirty minutes in women and two to five minutes in men.

The most effective way to improve your brain’s ability to generate powerful orgasms and profound sleep is to eat well and exercise regularly. In addition, advanced hypnotic methods have a track record of improving sensuality, orgasm, and sleep. Hypnotism can slip past conscious mental states associated with the frontal lobes and deliver deep messages that can transform the body’s responses. This is especially true in the treatment of anxiety-related disorders. The latest in brain imaging techniques such as PET scans and fMRI scans demonstrate that hypnosis stimulates brain centers that control specific responses and behaviors.

Many clinical hypnotherapists offer programs to reduce anxiety, enhance sensuality and sexuality, and induce sleep. The best of these programs are reviewed at article can be reproduced freely as long as you post a link back to

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