Aromatherapy: How and When to Use Essential Oils


To repeat where we are, my sweetie (my wife June) had breast cancer a few years ago and we opted 1) to have a lymph-ectomy (mistake) and later 2) radiation (good decision). Regardless of whether it was a mistake we did it and the result is that she has to be very careful about not injuring her right arm. Last summer and fall she burned herself on our oven three times, one of them very seriously. There are other articles covering where else we have gone, but this is on how and when to use Aromatherapy.

Remember the effect of the Lavender oil? She happened to go on an outing with several girl friends right after the bad burn and in talking it over with them they decided to put therapeutic-grade lavender essential oil on the burn. She could feel it healing immediately and in spite of this being a large burn (2” x 6”) it healed with only a very small scar, about the size of a half-quarter (like a half-moon shape).

Needless to say, we are sold on the “therapeutic grade of essential oils from Young Living. They can be used in several ways, very effectively. These methods of use, or application, are: 1) Apply the oils directly to the bottom of the feet (more on this as we go on), 2) apply the essential oil directly to the bruised or wounded area, 3) diffuse your essential oils into the air, and 4) add certain “edible” essential oils to water or food for both exotic and exquisite flavorings.

1) In the Orient they have been using acupuncture and acupressure for centuries, perhaps millennia? What is perhaps more surprising is that essential oils, when applied to the bottom of the foot, are absorbed rather quickly into, and dispersed throughout, the body. As a liquid they are also immediately used by the body as anti-whatever and begin their healing actions almost immediately. Because they are “pure” – therapeutic grade – there is nothing within the compound to hinder the healing effect, nor to slow it.

2) Apply the essential oil directly to the bruised or wounded area. As in the example of the Lavender applied directly to the burn, apply Lavender or Melaleuca oil directly to the cut, scrape or bruised area. This will provide maximum relief directly to the affected area, where it is needed most. But be careful of the oils you use in this manner. When using spearmint, for example, keep it completely away from the eyes; it can cause severe itching and burning and lead to blurred vision for several hours.

3) Use a diffuser and diffuse your essential oils directly into the air you breathe. You will need to have a very good diffuser, such as the one available from Young Living, in order to do this more effectively. We have used several but discarded them all. Only the Young Living diffuser seems to literally radiate the oil scent throughout our home, but to do it efficiently. It costs about $100 US but it has proven many times worth it.

4) You can add add certain “edible” essential oils to water or food for both exotic and exquisite flavorings. Such “spiciness” will enhance your cooking and enhance the therapeutic (medicinal) value of your foods as well. You cannot use all essential oils in cooking so it might be prudent to purchase one of Young Living’s “how to” books. They can be ordered directly from the web site.

Finally, all the good health and good nutrition and exquisite flavorings in the world will not make you healthy if your body cannot use the nutrients you are feeding it. Good digestion is the basis for good health. Without good digestion most of the nutrients in your body are going to waste – you might as well have a gigantic tapeworm siphoning off your food. In order to enhance your digestion you should also be using, at least periodically, a proven organic greens product as a digestive aid, one such as Bio 88+ (Plus).

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