Are Tanning Lotions What You Need To Make Tanning Beds safe?


Long debates on advantages and disadvantages of tanningbeds and sunbathing are a good reason for many people toview a tan with suspicion.

This has led companies to undertake extensive research toreduce the harmful effects of Ultraviolet rays associatedwith tanning bed and sunbathing. This resulted in a fewlotions. These come in two categories: Tanning bed &Sunbath lotions and Sunless tanning lotions.

Tanning Bed and Sunbath lotions

Tanning Bed Lotions – People use these lotions before orafter taking tanning bed treatments. Tanning bed lotionsprotect the skin from excess ultraviolet light andaccelerate indoor tanning.

Tan accelerators are another group of products used fortanning. These lotions are used while sunbathing. Theycontain a natural enzyme that stimulates the production ofmelanin (the body’s natural tan creating enzyme) withexposure to sunlight, as a result they are much moreeffective. This group of lotions accelerates tanning andreduces the harmful effects of sunlight.

Sunless Tanning: A Good Alternate to Ultra Violet LightTanning

Self-tanning lotions will help you avoid the sun anddecrease the risk of ultraviolet exposure related problems,yet will make you look good. The following are common typesof generic sunless tanning lotions.

Self-tanning lotions – Research has proved them safe andeffective. The Food and Drug Administration has also testedthem safe. The active ingredient in these products isdihydroxyacetone (DHA). DHA gives color to the skin througha “browning reaction” when it combines with amino acids inthe skin to form a chemical compound known as Melaninoid.Melaninoids are brown in color and this gives a longlasting tan to skin.

Tanning sprays are temporary but a harmless means fortanning. They save you from harmful UV rays and you do notneed to make inconvenient trips to tanning saloons. Aerosoltanning sprays can leave you with a perfect looking, eventan with no hassles. All you need is to spray them on yourexposed body parts. Within minutes, you will have a tanskin that you can show off anywhere.

Bronzers are yet another tanning product. They come in theform of lotions and gels. Bronzers produce a darker coloron the skin by using water-soluble dyes. Bronzers color theskin almost immediately and it dries very quickly. However,it is temporary and starts fading after the first wash.

If you like healthy looking tanned skin, you never had itso good. With the products available in the market, you canbecome a bronze god in no time!

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