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Anxiety and Depression are the two forms of phobias and behavioral disorders which can casts a very bad spell on any human being. The former is a type of an emotional disorder caused due to the imbalance in the body of a person. Whereas the latter is a form of a behavioral disorder caused due to chemical imbalance in the nervous systems of the person. There are a variety of symptoms of these behavioral and emotional disorders, ranging differently for a child and an adult person.

Let’s first consider Anxiety and Depression symptoms among the children. Children, like adults, can not express their feelings or problems. It is we who have to look for the Anxiety and Depression Symptoms in them. The symptoms seen in childhood can be sadness, hopelessness, powerlessness, lack of interest and prone to get irritated easily. As the world of children is controlled by adults, some are bound to feel dominated and hence suffer from severe Anxiety and Depression.

The symptom of Anxiety and Depression has a somewhat different face for the teenagers. Continual sadness, weariness, bad temper, change in appetite, sleeping disorders, severe aches and pains, low concentration levels and suicidal thoughts are some of the common Anxiety and Depression Symptoms seen among the teenagers. A Lot of stress and persistant dominance of teachers/ parents takes them towards these problems.

Even the adult people suffer greatly from Anxiety and Depression. It is because they are either unable to do anything themselves or are not able to share their problems with others. Some of the common Anxiety and Depression Symptoms seen in adults are insomnia, hopelessness, dizziness, nausea, difficulty in breathing, negativity, feeling of guilt, loss of energy and loss of appetite and weight.

All these symptoms of Anxiety and Depression can be treated with the help of therapies and appropriate medications. Every type of a symptom needs a special kind of medical aid such as Cognitive Therapies, Consultation Sessions and Anti- Depression medicines. Appropriate Medical Treatment can help the person to reduce the levels of Anxiety and Depression.

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