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The cost of a tummy tuck is something to consider when making your ultimate decision. The fees vary and depend on the type of surgery performed, geographic location, hospital and anesthesia fees and other costs. Because a tummy tuck is almost always considered elective surgery, the procedure is usually not covered under medical insurance.

The associated costs of a tummy tuck include the cost of the procedure itself as well as hospital costs and anesthesia.  Fees are typically paid in advance of the surgery, and will vary depending on the type of tummy tuck you decide on.

An estimate of tummy tuck prices follows, these figures are only estimates and should be verified for your procedure and region.  A 2003 report on average tummy tuck prices puts the procedure alone at $4,600.  This does not include the associated costs for hospitalization and other fees.  In 2000, USA Today published an article estimating the costs of various plastic surgeries by region in the United States. The Northeastern US had the most expensive estimate at $4,995, while the Southwest had the lowest tummy tuck prices at $3,681.

Today there are many options for tummy tuck surgery, including overseas.  Some countries have plastic surgery “spa resorts” where the surgery is performed, and then the patient can convalesce in a resort setting in privacy and with medical care.  It would be extremely important to research a facility in another country, as rules and regulations for certification might differ from US standards.  References, patient testimonies and medical records for the facility are important for you to carefully review before choosing an overseas option for a tummy tuck.

When considering tummy tuck prices, the total costs can vary from $3,000 – $8000.  In addition to the cost of the procedure, be sure to consider the additional costs, which can include operating room fees, lab fees, anesthesiology and follow-up care.  These associated costs will be very different according to geographic location, type of surgery and facility.  Many surgeons can arrange for financing for your tummy tuck, so be sure to ask if financing is available.  One final cost to consider and investigate is whether a tummy tuck procedure might affect your health insurance premiums.  Some insurers may raise your risk profile after receiving elective surgery.

All things considered, tummy tuck prices vary according to location, complexity, experience of the surgeon and associated costs.  When considering an important procedure such as this, it is crucial to consider all options carefully.  Shop around and do your research to get the right procedure for you at the right price.

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