An end to Blushing and Social Anxiety


Blushing is simple to explain. It is an externalised display of worry or anxiety of some kind within you. It is purely a subconscious reaction which explains why it comes on instantaneously and then won’t go away when we just ask it to (“oh not again…please go away”).

Blushing is something which can be changed. It usually responds well to suggestion therapy. However, it can be linked to emotions which are very much deeper down in the subconscious mind.

More acute blushing responds particularly well to hypnoanalysis. Long lasting and regular anxieties need to be healed rather than just being prevented from happening again.

The object of analysis ids to bring you to a ‘moment’ of liberating enlightenment’, and one can be fairly confident of a release with about 6-10 sessions of therapy. With analytical therapy, we are talking about a complete and total, last forever ‘fix’ of the problem by finding and removing the original cause or causes of the problem and removing it/them, as opposed to mere control of symptoms.

The person suffering from blushing, or facial flushing, is actually coping with three problems: How to stop blushing? Controlling the fear you are going to blush, and overcoming the fear of someone else seeing you blushing and bringing it to everyone else’s attention.

Many people think the cure is to never blush again….”I must stop blushing”But that’s just not realistic, as blushing is a natural reacting to certain situations and circumstances that occur from time to time in peoples lives. So…the real goal is to be less concerned if you do blush for a perfectly good (though rare) reason, and to ensure that the cause of the inappropriate, annoying and possibly embarrassing blushing is removed effectively. You will also need to learn a couple of strategies to help you deal with any future blushing, as although it may be rare now, and this situation you find yourself in might really warrant a completely natural blush from you, you can still ensure that it is faint, brief and not the cause of further more intense blushing.

In my opinion, following a free initial consultation, most people’s best first therapy, is brief therapy (usually 4-6 sessions). This therapy designed by myself, will tackle the underlying causes for the problem at a subconscious level using imagery (understood by the subconscious mind) and a technique I have developed to get to the main feelings generated by the original cause(s) of the symptom and to encourage a release of those causes. Suggestion therapy and ‘Neurolinguistic Programming’ follows to build confidence and to ‘re-programme’ the subconscious mind in much the same way as a computer engineer might load new programmes to replace old and outdated ones.

Alan Crisp – Clinical Hypnotherapist –

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