Aeron Chairs on the Rise – The world’s most technically-advanced personal mobility system


The wheelchair has just started from having a simple structure but now, it has evolved into a very fashionable, sophisticated and more well-designed equipment. One good example is the Aeron chair by power wheelchair manufacturer Permobil Inc. which integrates a technically advanced power wheelchair base with Aeron chair components from Herman Miller, Inc.

According to the article “Aeron Chair on Wheels” which was posted last October 27, 2003 at, the author mentioned that he had a friend who had been confined to a chair for almost 20 years. This condition makes you appreciate what it means for someone to have a really comfortable chair – and most wheelchairs are ergonomically terrible. Except for the Aeron chair which is expensive but well worth it.

The Aeron chair features Herman Miller’s proprietary Pellicle suspension as well as tool-free adjustability that provide users with greater control over their comfort and support. This unique Pellicle suspension material conforms to the body and gives dynamic pressure relief over the seat and back for truly customized support. Air also freely circulates through the Pellicle material that avoids heat and moisture build-up and contributes to the user’s long-term comfort.

In addition, the Aeron chair comes standard with suspension in the power base and seating system which provides users with an extremely smooth ride. Moreover, users and caregivers will find the tool-free adjustments for manual recline, armrest, lower leg length, manual elevating leg rest, and lower back support convenient and easy to use.

I am very impressed with the design of the Aeron chair. It definitely looks pretty cool and very modern. I must say that by just looking at it, one can say that using it will really bring perfect comfort and performance to its users. In fact, the iconic Aeron has been receiving numerous prestigious international design awards, including the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) “Design of the Decade” in furniture, and is found in the permanent collections of many design museums. It has truly revolutionized materials, performance and comfort in seating design.

This only shows how suitable the Aeron chair is for the disabled. It will certainly be loved by these people despite its expensiveness. What will matter is how this chair will make their lives easier for them to manage especially in the usual activities that they do. With all these, what are you waiting for? Avail of this great chair and experience the comfort that only Aeron chair can offer.

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