Advantages of using FLASH Disposable Dental Articulators


With the costs of dental lab work increasing, whereas the required time to complete orders from clients to be shortened, dental labs sometimes face a problematic catch 22 situation. How is it possible to save costs and at the same time deliver the same – if not better quality service – in a shorter time? The solution to this question may lie in the use of disposable dental lab products, such as the FLASH Disposable Articulator. Not only is this disposable dental articulator the most cost-effective tool of its kind, but also provides dental technicians ease-of-use application.

With the preparation of models, labs have to send their work – including the articulator – back to their customers, and this sometimes means that they don’t receive the articulators back. Not only did they invest in a very expensive tool, but they are further increasing their risks by allowing this tool to leave their lab and into the hands of other people.

What would happen when dental labs can offer their customers the same quality of work, reduce the risk of non-returned articulators, save enormous amounts of money in the process and be able to deliver the work in shortened times? Does this sound like a feasible option? Yes, of course it does! Using disposable dental articulators gives the labs all these advantages, and what is even more important is that no special tools are required when using the FLASH Disposable Articulator.

FLASH Disposable Articulators were first manufactured in the 1980‘s and patented in 1987.

The articulator is used in more than 70% of all dental labs in South Africa, and more than 30% in the USA. Made from environmentally-friendly materials, articulators can be disposed of without harmful consequences.

Ideal for use by:
Dental Labs, Dentists, Universities, Research Institutes, Dental Clinics, Government Clinics, Other Training Centers.
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