A Simple Strategy for Managing ADD

A Simple Strategy for Managing ADD

As an ADD Coach,A Simple Strategy for Managing ADD Articles I usually begin my conversations with new
and potential clients by saying, “Tell me about yourself and
why you’re looking for coaching.” Most people answer with a
long list of their ADD challenges. Very few people answer
that they are looking to discover, enhance, or utilize their
strengths. This is a big part of coaching, and a part that
many people need a lot of help with.

Unfortunately, many ADDers spend too much of their time
focusing on what they think they do wrong. This is
understandable; as most of us have spent a lifetime learning
how to deal with attention inconsistency, impulsivity,
hyperactivity, emotional reactivity, and other challenges
that our ADD has presented. However, few of us actually
take time to appreciate our ability to manage these
challenges and bounce back from the difficult times. And
when we don’t balance the good stuff with the not-so-good
stuff, we can become frustrated, unmotivated, and unhappy.

Every single person in this world has strengths and
interests – things we do well and things we like to do.
Learning to focus some time on those strengths and interests
can help lift the spirits – and self-esteem – of ADDers.
Here are some ways in which you can increase the time you
spend thinking about your strengths and interests:

* Make a list of all your accomplishments in life –
both large and small – and post this list where you’ll see
it often
* Make a list of all the things you do well, and all
the things you like to do – and post this list, too
* Keep a journal or notebook in which you detail all
your daily successes
* Accept every compliment you receive with a smile
and a “thank you”

After you have spent some time thinking about your strengths
and accomplishments, you can take this knowledge and
self-awareness a step further by setting some small goals
for yourself that involve your strengths and interests. If
you’re good with people, maybe you’d like to try
volunteering at a homeless shelter or senior center. If you
like dancing, perhaps you can take a class every week.

We all deserve to spend time doing what we like to do, and
not just what we have to do. So allow yourself to
appreciate your strengths and interests, and treat yourself
to the luxury of enjoying them! Chances are, it will make
you a much happier person.

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