A personal view on Reiki

A personal view on Reiki

The Beginning (my first encounter)….

I closed my eyes and lay back on the bed,A personal view on Reiki Articles my body covered in a warm blanket, as the sound of some kind of ethnic music, maybe Chinese, drifted

across the room. I felt very warm, comfortable and relaxed, I lay there waiting for the massage to start, I waited, no hands on my body yet, no touching,

but something was moving inside me. Words cannot explain this feeling, I later came to know it as the Reiki effect, it was as though something had

grabbed hold of me, and pulled me back toward the centre (of myself). From then for the next 30 minutes hands were placed on various parts of my

body, for several minutes at a time, the hands felt very warm, even hot at times, but never uncomfortable, in fact quite the opposite.

I am sure we all have those moments when we wish that time would stand still, that how we feel could last forever, but everything has an ending, and so

it was with this, reluctantly I had to open my eyes at the end of the session, and find my way back to the real world, reality as we call it. After several

minutes silence we started to talk gently, Sue and I about what we both felt, how the session went and also about other things she had found in me, but

that is another story, this story in about Reiki, and this was my first taste of it.

Sue Luffman was the Reiki practitioner that day, and she was later to become my teacher and friend, I think if I could use one word to describe Sue it

would be sparkling, she is full of life, energy, wit and vitality. She also has that look, again this is difficult to describe in words, it’s a connection you

make with certain people, as though you have known them all your life, it can happen with strangers you pass in the street, never to meet again, but it is

something that goes very deep, anyway I digress.. back to Reiki….

The History…

Once upon a time in Japan, a long time ago (about 150 years) there lived a Dr Mikao Usui, he was a very good doctor but was also a very curious man,

he wanted to know how he could do his job better. His curiosity led him down many paths, and was fascinated by the Christian religion and the stories of

Christ’s miracles, in particular the ones where people were healed, he wanted to know where these powers came from, and if he could access them. He

also knew something of the teachings of Buddha, and the stories relating to him regarding healing, so he inquired of various sects as to what methods

they used to heal, but found them all to concentrate on the mind and spirit and no methods or practices for healing the body (apparently they had been

forgotten centuries ago) which being a Doctor was the thing he wanted. Despite this he studied Zen Buddhism for seven years, in those years he dug

deeper and deeper, learned Chinese to read the original Buddhist texts (although Buddha being an Indian Prince the texts were written in Chinese).

From there he went on to learn Sanskrit (the root of all languages) to read texts from ancient Tibetan Buddhists, here he found what he thought to be the

keys for learning healing techniques. After some meditation on this it came to him that he should go to a holy mountain (Kuri Yama, near Kyoto) and

meditate for 21 days, so this he did, taking with him 21 stones to count the days off. Each day he awoke before the sun, threw a stone away, and

meditated and fasted for the rest of the day, and each day nothing happened, no revelation came to him. On the morning of the 21st day, as he cast

away his last stone, a light grew in the sky, and four coloured bubbles came to him, each one containing a Sanskrit character. To cut a long story short

he found that using these characters greatly enhanced his healing powers, but after a while only concentrating on healing the body he had another

revelation that told him to heal both spirit and mind, and gave him the five principals of Reiki, and here they are…

· Just for today I shall not worry

· Just for today I shall not get angry

· Just for today I shall work honestly

· Just for today I shall respect all life

· Just for today I shall count my blessings

Dr Usui then went on to teach others over the years what he had learnt, and indeed my teacher Sue has a direct lineage going back to Dr Usui, and sue

taught me and now I am part of that ‘family tree’.

What is Reiki…..

Rei (universal) Ki (life force), is the translation of it, and the theory goes that a Reiki Healer draws down energy from the universe and channels it though

their body into the patient, who then accepts as much as they need. The energy is applied by contact with the seven chakra centres of the body, and the

contact is made by laying hands on a persons body relating to the Chakra centres, or holding the hand over those centres. The use of symbols are also

employed, the ones that Dr Ursi found on top of his mountain, the symbols are formed by hand movements, and spoken silently. The patients body

accepts what it needs (both on a physical and spiritual level), clearing blocked energies, easing the mind, calming the Sprit. It helps the body and mind to

heal itself.

Treatments can last for up to an hour, and normally a series of these are required, depending on what is found on the initial treatment. Reiki is ALWAYS

used as a complimentary treatment, and some Doctors and even some vets, approve of the treatments (scientific tests were carried out in America, and

hard evidence was found as to the beneficial effects of Reiki). It can be used for headaches, broken bones (after they have been set), even for

emergency treatments, the important thing to realise about Reiki is that it does no harm, whatever you believe about the energies involved.

My Experience……

I am now a Level 2 Reiki student, which means I can practise Reiki, the next level is 3 which is the Master level, when the time comes to take this I will, I

do not need it to work with patients, but I will need it if I am to teach it. I have used Reiki on a number of patients now, and each one has been different.

The Reiki energy can be used on anything, a glass of water to make it taste sweeter, seeds to help them grow, and once by myself on my car CD played

which had stopped working, so I gave it a good Reiki and it worked! Seriously though it is almost impossible to put into words how it feels to give, or

receive, Reiki, it’s something that you have to experience.

Conclusion/My Thoughts….

I have always thought myself to have a scientific, quite logical mind, I like to see cause and effect in things, like to know why things happen, and liked to

keep a healthy scepticism about things, and still do. My initial encounter with Reiki kind of bypassed all that, and raised a lot of questions in me, some of

which I am still looking for answers, Reiki was not a great revelation for me but just another step on this path I have taken. Whatever you believe,

whatever level it works on, Reiki does work and sometimes you have to trust your feelings and yourself. Everyday of our lives we all use Reiki

unconsciously, it is a perfectly natural thing, all my teaching do is to give that a discipline, a method to use it, and ways of enhancing it. To me giving

Reiki is a very personal thing, I get quite lost giving it sometimes, and sometimes the effect can be cathartic (make things worse to make them better),

all I can say is keep an open mind and give it a try, and you will then understand why it is so hard to write about this.

I will not give you web addresses for this or books to read, there are numerous of those out there, I suggest you try it first and then look these up. What I

will give you is my email address if you have any questions for me or would like to know more about Reiki dragon33uk@hotmail.com and I will be happy

to help.

Remember….just for today….

Take care

Stephen Floyd

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