A Close Shave without the nicks and cuts


Shaving is not everyone’s favourite chore and for some it is associated with a feeling of horror. Shaving skin can cause nicks and cuts very easily and the skin ends up looking blotchy and irritated – not a good look.

Men’s skin is shaven 6000 times over an average life time! So it is very important that men too look after their skin to avoid premature aging of the skin. After all, men like to look good too for as long as we can, don’t we?Shaving is a male thing, well for the most part any way. Around the age of 14 is usually the time when beards start to grow and the ‘knife’ comes out. These days it’s a Gillette razor or some other brand.There are some basic principles that all you men should know about their skin and how to best conquer the shaving process. It sounds easy enough, hey just put some shaving gel on your face and using a razor, take it off again, simple, how hard could it be?The problem is not that the act of shaving is in itself difficult, it’s not, but unfortunately the skin can very much be a problem. If shaving is not done correctly, you could end up looking a bloody mess and have blotchy irritated skin and that is not a good look with which to impress the girls.

So, here’s how to get it right from the start.

Before we start, shave in the shower. The warm water will open the facial pores and this promotes a better, closer shave. Also, there is less risk of nicks and cuts if your skin is warmed by the hot water in the shower.

Ok, let’s get stated:

Step 1

An exfoliant; this gets rid of dead skin cells, which lifts your stubble and gives a closer shave, leafing your skin smooth and looking well groomed. Wildcrafted’s Skin Renewal Gel is perfect for this job.

Step 2

Prepare the canvas; use the Vitalising Shaving Gel. This product combines pre-shave oiling of the skin and a shaving crème. This helps you to get a smooth shave and prevents nicks and cuts. Once you have applied Wildcrafted’s Vitalising Shaving Gel to your face, work it into lather and start shaving.

Step 3

Shaving; the best razor is one that lets you use a light stroke and you don’t need to push down too hard. Gillette’s M3 fits the bill, but there are other’s of similar quality. Using a brush will help lift the bristles and allow you to shave even closer, but your hands will do the job too.

Step 4

Nicks and cuts? Wildcrafted’s Vitalising Shaving Gel leaves a residue on your skin even after you have finished shaving, which contains essential oils that disinfect and help repair the skin. Just leave it on your face while you finish having a shower, then rinse it off.

Step 5

Moisturise. This is a must. After you have finished your shower, apply the Ginseng Hydrator. If you have a shiny skin, use the Ginseng Hydrator for Oily skin, if it looks dry and or dull, use the Ginseng Hydrator for Dry skin, else use the one for Normal skin.

Step 6

Restore. Once a week, use a natural clay mask to help your skin heal from the taxing process of shaving. The Earth Medicine Facial Clay range contains soothing minerals and oils to calm shaving irritation.

So there you have it. Shaving is easy and painless, as long as you follow the steps above, you should not have any trouble getting your stubbles under control. Remember, use the shower to shave, it really does help immensely as well as save you time and also helps you to do a better job.

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