A Canadian Pharmacy is a Lifesaver for Some Americans


Many of you may have heard about the ongoing war between the Canadian pharmacy and the American pharmacy. The American FDA has recently been trying to crack down on prescription drugs imported from Canada to the United States. But why is this? What exactly got the FDA’s feathers ruffled?

The FDA states that it is illegal to import any prescription drugs from overseas.  Anything found at the United States border will be seized.  But this shouldn’t include a Canadian pharmacy.  Canada isn’t even overseas… right?  That’s what many Americans say who frequently cross over the American border into Canada to go to a Canadian pharmacy.  This has gotten the FDA a tad angry.

Now why on earth are Americans going to a Canadian pharmacy?  With the rising prescription drug costs and the lack of good affordable health insurance many can’t afford to buy it in America.  Canadian pharmacies often save people as much as 40%, if not more.  For some people, a Canadian pharmacy is the only way they can afford to get their much needed medication to survive.  Just recently, you can now order from a Canadian pharmacy online and have it mailed directly to your home.

The FDA states that getting prescription drugs from a Canadian Pharmacy is not safe.  However, they have never shown any evidence of this.  They also state that purchasing prescription drugs from a Canadian pharmacy will lead to lost jobs for us Americans.  There is no evidence of this either.  Besides, people still can’t afford to buy there prescriptions in America anyways.  In fact, some states (like Wisconsin and Texas) encourage people to buy prescriptions from Canada and they are even attempting to incorporate a prescription drug plan with Canada.

A Canadian Pharmacy is safe and legitimate.  There is no evidence that a prescription from a Canadian pharmacy poses any health risks. They also insure the same quality and potency as American prescriptions but at a much cheaper price.   To make you feel more at ease, all Canadian pharmacies ask that you have a prescription from your doctor and include you medical and allergy history before you can purchase any prescriptions.  This is also the same if you order from a Canadian pharmacy online. Before ordering online from any company, make sure that the company has a legitimate address and that they provide a toll free number with live operators to assist you.

Purchasing prescription drugs from Canada is an answered prayer for many Americans.  Some Americans wouldn’t know what to do if it wasn’t available.  It gives peace of mind knowing that there is still an affordable way to get the prescriptions people need, even if the FDA doesn’t like it.

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