7 Little Known Facts About Thyroid Problems


What’s a common disease that over 5 million Americans suffer fromand many may not even be aware they have it? Hypothyroidism andrelated forms of thyroid dysfunction!

The thyroid gland looks like a little bow tie and is located atthe base of the throat, below the Adam’s apple in males. Thyroiddysfunction affects both males and females. This gland produceshormones which control the body’s metabolism, your internalthermostat of sorts.

Thyroid dysfunction is generally either an over or underproduction of the hormone. Under active thyroid hormoneproduction is called hypothyroidism; whereas too much, oroveractive thyroid hormone production is called hyperthyroidism.

Some of the symptoms of hypothyroidism include chronic fatigueand weakness, weight gain or difficulty losing weight, hair lossor coarse, dry hair, dry and rough skin, intolerance to cold,abnormal menstrual cycles, decreased sex drive, memory loss,depression and irritability, constipation, muscle cramps. Notall symptoms are always present.

Some doctors prefer to diagnose hypothyroidism with a blood test.They will test to check TSH levels (the thyroid stimulatinghormone produced by the pituitary gland) and T4 levels (the mainthyroid hormone). Other doctors prefer to take a more holisticapproach and are able to diagnose based on symptoms. Morningbody temperature readings (below 97.1 consistently) as well asdiscovery of regular waking up approximately four hours aftergoing to bed, can aid in the diagnosis.

There are chemical, synthetic treatments that can be used torestore healthy thyroid functions, such as Synthroid andLevothyroxine.

Some doctors and sufferers prefer to use a form of naturalthyroid hormone extracted from swine and cows. Yup, pig thyroid!It’s the closest to the human thyroid hormone and contains bothT4 and T3 thyroid hormones.

Naturopaths have long recognized that there are very effectiveherbs that can help to promote healthy thyroid functioning andrestore thyroid health.

Armour, a natural thyroid is available by prescription. T-100 isanother brand of natural thyroid that can be obtained throughholistic processionals. Regular use of natural thyroid can helpto restore deficient iodine levels, while also stimulating thethyroid to produce crucial thyroid hormones, thereby treatinghypothyroidism.

Bladder wrack or kelp, Licorice, Saw Palmetto and Ginger (root)have also been known to stimulate the thyroid to release thyroidhormones and is therefore beneficial in the treatment ofhypothyroidism.

If you’re not comfortable taking synthetic medications, givenatural thyroid a chance. It’s the closest match to humanthyroid and can leave you feeling worlds better. Even naturalsupplements need to be under the care of your physician. Pleasedo not self medicate.

The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only and is not intended to medically diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Consult a health care practitioner before beginning any health care program.

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