5 Things You Must Do If You Want To Create Optimum Health


1. Make the decision that you will create an optimum state of

Most people want to feel better than they currently do, however,
they never truly decide that this will be one of their goals

You must CHOOSE to create optimum health before you can achieve
this level of health.

2. Be Committed To Create Optimum Health

Once you make the decision to create an optimum state of health,
then you must commit to this decision because there will be
plenty of temptations that can easily knock you off track.

Always keep your vision of optimum health in your consciousness
and you will succeed!

3. You Must Formulate a Structured Health Plan To Help You
Create Optimum Heal

To create an optimum state of health you need a game plan to
follow or health strategies that will help you toward your

Just like a roadmap helps you to arrive at your desired
destination, so too will a health plan help you toward your
desired health level.

4. Stay Focused on Your Goal and Maintain Your Course

Once you are on your path to creating optimum health, you need
to stay the course. Getting off course will delay your

You wouldn’t get off the main road if it was the only one
leading to your destination would you?

5. Monitor Your Results & Adjust If Necessary

Monitor how far you have come from time to time. If you feel
that something is not benefitting you then ommit it from your

Likewise, if something is really benefitting you, then stick
with it.

Just always make sure your are monitoring your results and
adjust if you feel so. Also make sure to pat yourself on the
back when you accomplish one of your health goals.

Optimum health is everyone’s birthright, however, you must
choose to create this level of health. No one else can make sure
you eat right and exercise and treat your body as the temple it

Only you can put substances into your body and only you can make
decisions that will impact your health.

If you want optimum health then you must follow habits that
create optimum health. You get what you give. If you give your
body low nutritious food then you will get back what you put

If you eat healthy and love your body then you will experience
great health.

To Your Health,

Rino Soriano

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