5 essentials for life


When mind/body/spirit are out of balance we become ill … dis-eased. How can we rebalance our energy and live life to the full ? The ability to really relax is of utmost importance in our quest for health as when we are calm and relaxed we are free from stress. It then becomes much easier to concentrate, focus and achieve our goals.

If we liberate our natural talents and go with the flow, we will have unlimited energy. A simple path to health must be found and the 5 essentials for life will give YOU the tools necessary to completely change your life for the better.


The moment we cease to breathe, the physical body begins to decay. Breathing PURE air is therefore the basic root of existence, and as such must have prime consideration in any problem of health. Through the air we breathe we gain vital life force to promote healing. It is surprising we don’t give more attention to the QUALITY of the air we breathe.


Most of the planet is covered with water and the human body is 75% water, so it is easy to see how vital pure water is for life. Every living cell requires water, air and nutrients. Water acts as a solvent in the body and the purer it is, free from pollutants and chemicals, the more toxins can be let into it for removal. How pure is your water ?


Today after a brief detour into science and inorganic medicines, humankind is once again being directed to the proper use of Nature’s products to restore to abundant health a dis-ease ridden world. What we eat is directly related to how we think, feel and act. We ARE what we eat ! One of the secrets to recharge your energy to gradually introduce raw organic fruit and vegetables to your diet.


Everyone should take some exercise on a daily basis as part of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is a process by which the cells of the body are placed under controlled stress. This stimulates metabolic efficiency as well as to increase vigour, strength and vitality. Research at NASA states that rebounding is THE complete exercise.


Most of us counteract the benefits of sleep and relaxation, soft mattresses, television, eating before retiring etc. If we are using energy for digestion or processing thoughts, we are not using it to repair and recharge our vital life force. Rest and relaxation CAN be gained by lying immobile without sleeping, we sleep apparently to dream.


Tony Wilden has a deep interest in spiritual matters, health and environmental issues and the creation of harmony between people and nature. YOU can use master strategies to achieve your success. For more information on his work visit : http://www.aikido-health.com

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