30 Days to Clearer Skin and a Thinner Body

30 Days to Clearer Skin and a Thinner Body

At some point in their lives every woman envisions the quintessential beauty enhancers —clear skin and an attractive body. Unfortunately nature did not equip all of us with this envious duo,30 Days to Clearer Skin and a Thinner Body Articles so we’re left to create our own destiny. Not surprisingly, that is easier said than done.

But before you go out and purchase the latest diet pills, or spend $50 on a regime that promises a flawless complexion but delivers more blotches instead, read the following article which promises clearer skin and a weight loss of 8-12 pounds in 30 days if followed fastidiously.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Clear skin is defined as a flawless complexion void of marks, blemishes and other defects. According to dermatologists, all of us have it at some point in our lives. Then adolescence sets in, and our skin turns into Frankenstein on steroids.

But like other quirks of nature, our skin enters a new phase as we reach our 20s. The oil glands become less active and once again we experience the joys of a clear complexion. But despite this transition, some women still find themselves stuck with skin that is not to their liking.

Beautiful skin begins on the inside, and is wholly dependant on the foods you eat. A diet high in fruit, vegetables and chicken will result in a complexion with few problems. While a diet high in fried, sugary and greasy food will produce the opposite effect.

This formula which I have used for 20 years will work, if followed thoroughly. Any attempt to deviate, will not produce the desired results. And to reiterate, the key to this recipe, is FOLLOWING THE REGIME FOR 30 DAYS.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Before attempting this diet, it is important that you see your physician. Women with cancer, diabetes and eating disorders should avoid this regime entirely.

Clearer Skin Can Be Yours:

1. Drink 1-2 gallons of water daily.
2. Eliminate all sugary, oily and fried foods from your diet.
3. Eat plenty of fish (especially salmon) chicken, fruits and vegetables.
4. Limit your intake of bread, rice and other carbohydrates.
5. If you must use salt, use it sparingly, and make sure it does not contain iodine. According to experts, iodine, a mineral that regulates the thyroid, has a tendency to produce acne.
6. Avoid chips, olives and peanut butter. All of these products contain iodine which can reek havoc on your complexion.
7. Take vitamins that are designed to enhance your skin hair and nails. Three great products to try are:
8. Always remove makeup before getting into bed.
9. Use soaps that are designed for your specific skin type. Therefore, if you have oily skin avoid using soaps that are made for people with dry skin.
10. Keep your hands away from your face.
11. Give yourself a facial once a month. For those women who can’t afford to shell out $50 to go to a ritzy….., you can give yourself a fantastic facial in the privacy of your own home. All you need is a pan, hot water and a few drops of herbs if preferable. A good one to try is….

Look Out Great Bod Here I Come:

1. Do not eat after 9 P.M.
2. Eat only when you are hungry. Experts contend that people have a tendency to over eat when they are nervous or depressed. So before you put that slice of pizza in your mouth, make sure you’re really hungry and not just having a bad day.
3. Do not eat in front of the tv or at the computer.
4. Eat smaller portions. You can train yourself to eat less by putting your food on a smaller plate.
5. Weigh yourself daily.
6. Drink plenty of water.
7. If you INSIST on having a snack, reach for something nutritional, such as an apple. Okay, if you’re really hungry, make that two apples.


6 ounces of salmon
1 apple or the fruit of your choice
1 8 0z glass of water


Salad (If you must spread on a dressing, make sure it low in fat and calories). Lemon juice is a perfect alternative.
Fruit of your choice
A hamburger without cheese, mayo or mustard is a must have. Moreover, fast food restaurants have an impressive supply of low cal entrees. So what are you waiting for?
1 8oz. Glass of water


1 cup of raw strawberries. If you don’t like to eat them in their natural state, sprinkle on a sugar substitute for added flavor; 2 pieces of broiled chicken, 1 cup of beets or string beans; I 8 oz glass of water.


Although I don’t encourage snacking, I know that everyone reaches a point where they just have to have something to sink their teeth into. For you I recommend:

a sweet, juicy fruit: excellent choice; a peach or orange; 1 cup of Vanilla yogurt sweetened with Aspartame. Believe me when I say it tastes better than regular yogurt, but without the extra calories; or try a saucer of delicious sugar-free ice cream. They come in a variety of flavors; ranging from cherry vanilla to chocolate swirl. There you have it, a diet that promises results if used correctly. Now put down that sandwich, you’re getting mustard all over the keyboard. Say cheese!

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