You’re Either Getting Better… or Worse


Here’s the question of the day…

Are you getting better, or are you getting worse?

I’m talking about health and fitness terms, here… although this question can (and should) be asked in all facets of your life.

Are you doing the things that will lead you to lifelong success, or are you not taking action, not taking charge of your own life, not doing the right things?

For your sake, let’s hope you gave a “yes” to the first question.

Do you have a specific goal?

Are you getting there?

Are you truly focusing on getting in shape and having better self-esteem?

Or are you sitting and sulking and complaining, “how hard this is” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Because that will lead you to a bunch of nothing in a land of nowhere.

The title in this article is ALWAYS the name of the game, folks.

No matter if you’re talking about health/fitness, your life, your relationships, your skills………

You’re either getting better or worse.

If you don’t exercise, if you start to slack on eating right, if you stray away from your fresh fruits and vegetables…….

Your getting worse.

For some reason, you enjoy making it harder on yourself, lol.

Why not make it easy?

And start off by doing the right thing……..

And not straying from it?

(Gasp!!!!), that makes WAAAY too much sense, lol.

Here are some ways to make losing weight easier for you:

1. Make small goals, and FOCUS on achieving those first.

2. Come up with a fitness program, no matter how small.

3. Decrease hydrogenated fats and refined sugars from your diet.

4. Increase intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.

5. To increase you fresh fruit and vegetable intake, invest in a juicer (they are sold everywhere, and it tastes much better than you think).

6. Be CONSISTENT (Possibly the most important tip I, or anyone else will ever give you).

7. Believe that you can do this (or anything else you want to do, for that matter).

If you do these, and by no means is this even close to everything you can do… will become immensely successful, I guarantee it.

Face it, if you are overweight, out of shape, have trouble moving around, etc……….

Whatever you are doing is NOT WORKING!

So change it!!!

A simple concept, yet usually so very hard for most people to do.

Like my Dad used to always say to me, “If whatever you’re doing is not working, CHANGE what you’re doing.”

Truer words cannot be spoken.

So what does this have to do with getting better or worse?


Because if you are still overweight, lazy, and don’t exercise…’re sure as heck not getting any better…..

And you’re only making it harder and harder on yourself to get in shape.

Everyday you put off my steps to getting healthy, is just that much harder you are going to have to work to get in the shape that you dream of.

Fortunately, I am here to help you to get started and slash those pounds off you in a New York minute.

Ok, maybe it will take a little longer than that….

But not much.

So why not make it easier for yourself, and start today?

Great idea, let’s go.

I’ll talk to you soon.

Chris Callegari, founder of [] is unleashing his real-world exercise, fitness, nutrition, and healthy eating tips to the world, to help support lifestyle changes for any and everyone.

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