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The first thing I want you to do is forget everything you ever heard about eating and exercise, forget all about eating 6 meals a day and exercise several hours week in and week out!! And forget all that you ever have heard about fat, carbohydrate and protein, because with this “no diet, diet” you can eat everything you want, yes, you heard me right, everything!!!

I will not go into details here on how this diet is working, but here are some major things you have to know:

The human body is not designed to eat 6 meals a day, not at all!!

When man was a hunter (50.000 years ago) he hunted all day long, eating nothing but what he could find – nuts, raw fruits and berries – and at the end of the day when they finally caught an animal, they ate and they ate big time!! What happened next? They ate some more and went to sleep – end of the day. Same thing next day, and so on and so on…. There was absolutely NO obesity at that time – none!!

It’s all about under eating during the daytime and over eating during late evening!!

Here is what happens when you under eat during the daytime: the body will detox and get rid of all waste products, your growth hormone production will raise, your body will turn on a fat burning mechanism (high metabolism) and your immune system will work optimally. When the night comes, you can put almost everything you want in your mouth – your body can handle almost everything at that time, and your metabolism will go even higher when you start to eat – so eat!! Read carefully here, because here is what I want you to do:

Read this article one more time, go and think about it for the rest of the day, and tomorrow you take ACTION!!

Tomorrow you go to the grocery store and buy fruit and nuts of all kinds, and the whole day long you can nibble on those. Remember to drink water as well – you can drink what you want during the day – everything without sugar. In the evening from 6 to 9 you just go ahead and eat whatever you want, and I really mean whatever you want – your body can handle it and you will not get fat from eating during those 3 hours – no way! When you finish eating you will be very sleepy and that’s normal, it is a hormonal response when you eat a lot, and that’s fine because you are about to go to sleep.

Remember no more food after 9 in the evening!!

That’s it and the next day you do exactly the same thing over again!

I promise you that you will feel a difference the very first day and you WILL see results after the first week! In the daytime you will be full of energy and after the 3 hours of overeating at night, you will be very sleepy!

Now the exercise part.

It is so easy but yet so effective that you won’t believe it! What I want you to do is at least 3 times a week one hour before your overeating phase at night begins, you should lay flat on your back, have your eye on a clock, and then do the “cycle” you know, where you put your hands together behind your head and turn the left elbow to your right knee and then the right elbow to the left knee – but pay attention here: Do it as fast as you can for 20 seconds, then relax for 10 seconds (no more than 10 seconds) and you do this for four minutes only! I am telling you, this IS painful but it is SO effective, and it is the only exercise you will ever need to lose your body fat.

You can do the exercise more often, if you want to – alternatively you do it in the morning as well..

Remember your body is fantastic – it will get used to only having food once a day and it will happen quickly, so in a matter of days you wont feel hunger during the daytime!

Okay, that’s it! Just follow the steps above and you will have you dream-body in no time.

Go for it!

(Never embark on any diet or exercise regime without first consulting a health care professional.)

Michael Russell

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