Top Ten Excuse-busters for taking Exercise


1. Exercise is boring

Not all exercise is created equal. You don’t have to get fit by spending hours on soul-less machines down at the gym. Somewhere out there is an activity you’ll love and it’s just a case of looking around until you find it. Is there something you loved to do as a child which you’ve stopped doing now you’re an adult? Take it up again! Is there something you’d love to do but just haven’t got around to? Try it out! How about taking up tennis or golf,Guest Posting salsa-dancing or skiing? Find something that sparks your enthusiasm and you’ll never look back.

2. I don’t have time

This is the excuse people give most of all for not exercising. Yet everyone has the same number of hours in the day. We just choose to spend them differently. What are you giving a higher priority to than your health? Chatting on the phone? Watching TV?  Working too many hours? Even if your time is largely tied up in caring for others, how much good will you be to them without your health? And can you really not squeeze in three 20 minute sessions a week? What are you doing that is so important? 

3. I don’t have the energy

Your energy may be low because you are mentally rather than physically tired and in that case exercise will actually give you a boost. You’ll usually find if you just get up and get moving you’ll feel more energetic than ever. So, provided you’re not tired after a hard physical day of work, just get moving to start to feel more lively. In any case, with regular exercise you’ll find your general energy levels will soar and you’ll be able to do far more without feeling tired.

4. I feel too embarrassed

If you’re embarrassed about being seen exercising or wearing exercise gear then try walking. It’s the ultimate non-exercise exercise. You can do it anywhere and you don’t need to wear any special clothes other than normal comfortable shoes. Alternatively get some exercise videos and exercise in the comfort of your own home.

5. I’m too fat

Now there’s a difference between being embarrassed about your size and being physically incapable of moving. If you really are unable to take normal exercise because of your size and associated problems then speak to your doctor about getting some help to find exercises you CAN do. Also there is some information around to help. Look up the organisation called Active at any Size on the web. They promote fitness for everyone. Anything you can do will help you and as you lose weight you’ll gradually find you’re able to do more.

6. I’ve got two left feet

I swear some aerobics classes are designed to put people off exercise for life. You just get used to one part of the routine after spending your time  bumping into people when the movement changes to something else equally as complicated and you find you’ve gone left when you should go right again. It does get better if you keep going to the same class but if you hate that feeling of always getting it wrong why not find an activity for the less choreographically challenged.  How about the easy-to-learn repetitive movements of rebounding, swimming or cycling?

7. There’s nowhere near here to exercise

Sometimes that trip to the gym or swimming pool is a journey too far. It just eats up too much time from your day. If this puts you off getting fit, you can look for somewhere to exercise that’s more convenient for your home or workplace. Or follow the advice for the embarrassed exercisers above and take up walking or exercising with videos or equipment at home. Jogging might suit you too.

8. Exercise doesn’t work

Exercise is proven to help prevent heart attacks, stroke and diabetes. It burns calories, increases your energy levels and makes you feel good about yourself. It really depends what you expect. It won’t turn you into a slim sylph-like figure overnight but it will help you lose weight. It won’t give you a super-toned body after one session in the gym but you will firm and shape up over a few months.  It’s not an instant cure for a  lifetime of overeating and neglecting your body but it does give you enormous benefits. These will only come if you do it regularly.

9. I’ve no one to go with

You might be surprised at who would be a willing exercise buddy if you asked. But if you don’t think there’s anyone, don’t let it put you off. There’s really nothing to be afraid of in turning up to an activity on your own. Most instructors are good at making you feel welcome. Even joining a  gym on your own is not so bad. Once you have had your orientation session you’ll feel a lot more confident that you know what to do and can just get on and do it without being distracted by anyone else.

10. Exercise hurts

Exercise should NEVER hurt if you go at the right pace for you. If an activity or movement doesn’t feel good, then don’t do it. Slow down and listen to your body. If it’s too much for you, choose another activity or another class. Injuries can result if you do too much too soon. You have to work up to fitness gently to get the most benefit.

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