Strong, Sexy Abs – Why Don’t I See Them?


One of the most sought after results that people want from their workouts today are a nicely defined six-pack. A six-pack, if you don’t already know by now, is what people call the abdominal muscles, which, when in perfect shape will show 6 clear sections when a person’s midsection has a low bodyfat count.

I’ve always believed that a nicely defined six-pack is the ultimate ‘accessory’ when you’re at the beach and that women like to touch lean abdominal muscles… but let’s not go there now. You can be big, muscular, and intimidating, but highly visible abdominal muscles command attention and demand respect.

Everyday, we see people in the gym who will do crunch upon crunch in their quest for perfect abs. Before I proceed further, let me first say this – ALL HUMANS naturally have abdominal muscles (and I bet they look pretty good too!). The problem is, you’ll never see them as long as they’ve covered in fat, which almost always is the case. You may not have love handles or a flabby stomach, but chances are likely that you’re still carrying a certain amount of bodyfat covering your abs if you are still unable to see your abs clearly.

All the crunches in the world will never bring those abs out since it only burns a few calories and works very little overall muscle. Though crunches are one of the best exercises to strengthen and build up the abdominals – too widespread is the message out there today that it takes you hundreds of crunches everyday until your face turns blue if you wish to even see a hint of your abs. This piece of advice fails to take into account that the reason you don’t see your abs are simply because of excess fat, and not weak muscles! Doing all the crunches till the cows come home would strengthen the abdominals muscles but still not address the problem of the layer of fat over your abs.

The Solution?

It’s pretty simple, actually. You need to get rid of the fat covering your abs. Burn fat and also strengthen your abdominal muscles so that they look good when they are revealed. This, can only be done with a weight loss plan, and exercises that target your abdominals. There is NO other way, and that’s as simple as I can say it.

So, think twice before you decide to hog the abs machines at your gym for a full 20 minutes. Not only will you piss ME off if I was waiting for my turn, but most of your efforts could be diverted into doing something else more productive.

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