Spouse Won’t Exercise? Here’s What You Can Do


How can you get your spouse or other loved one to get more active if they’re not the least bit motivated? It’s always hard to get someone else to move from couch potato to dynamo; the excuses are endless. But couples who exercise together have the lowest drop-out rates of all new exercisers. So find something you and your partner can do together, even if one of you is much more fit than the other.

Ideally you can find something that is fun for both of you, but if you can’t, for now you should cater to the possible interests or whims of the partner who is inactive. You can both go to an aerobic dance class even if you feel silly. YOU can take the initiative for everything; get the memberships or equipment, clear the schedule, find a babysitter, do the dishes, remove every possible obstacle you can think of. Then go! Coach your loved one using all the techniques for starting a new exercise program gradually. And be a cheerleader: “You’re doing great!” “That color looks wonderful on you!” “That was a really hard move!” Or whatever nice things you can think of to say.

The best activities for couples are those that have a social aspect: a club, class or just a group of friends makes the whole effort more fun and more likely to inspire the inactive person. One sport that is ideal for couples who have very different levels of fitness is riding on a tandem bicycle.

One major DON’T: Never buy a piece of exercise equipment as a surprise gift in an effort to inspire your non-exerciser. It will probably be taken as an insult and will just gather dust. Trying out and choosing exercise equipment should always involve the person who is going to use it. If it’s a family investment, take everyone along when you shop.

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