Some Daily Exercises


Body Workout -Some Exercises

Firm your Buttocks:

Lie straight on your side, supporting your head with your hand. Bend the lower knee, keeping foot in line with hips. With your top leg straight, flex your foot. Breathe out and move top leg forwards to line up knees. Breathe in as you lift top leg. Breathe out, lower and stretch it back as far as you can without moving your upper body. Repeat five times on each side.

Tone Your Thighs:

When you wake up, lick-start your body’s detox process by sipping a cup of warm water with lemon. Work your legs during the day, too: Climb stairs, don’t take lifts.

Support your back:

Lie on your stomach with feet relaxed, arms above head, hands just wider apart than shoulders. Keep feet on the floor and eyes fixed on a point ahead as you gently lift your head and press hips and elbows into the floor. Breathe in as you lift; breathe out as you slowly come down. Repeat 10 times

Flatten your stomach:

Sitting down, pull in your stomach muscles without tilting your pelvis and stay tall and straight. While standing , keep feet hip-width apart and weight centered -don’t tilt forwards or sink backwards. Relax your arms -your hands will naturally fall just in front of your body. Rock your head gently till it falls into a comfortable neutral balance.

Strengthen Arms:

Do these exercises thrice a week. Start with 10 push ups, then 20 dips; Sit on a chair, grip the edge of the seat, fingers forward. Slide bottom forwards, off the seat, so your knees are in line with ankles. Breathe in and dip -bend arms without pinching shoulders. Breathe out as you again straighten up. You should feel it in the back of your arms, not your thighs.

Get Walking:

Even five minutes brisk walking lowers your cholesterol level and blood pressure, increases bone density, stimulates brain power, fights flab…And you feel great afterwards.

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