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Whenever you do some exercises you only have one aim: it is either you lose weight or gain some pounds. Either way, the bottom line is to get healthy. With more and more people getting conscious about their health, fitness, and body, the need for fitness exercises are continuously growing. And the more effective the exercise is, the more popular it is to people. Natural exercises like jogging and running are some of the more popular exercises that do great things to your body. Since these exercises involve every muscle you need to develop, they are very effective in improving the heart that improves the health condition of the person. However, for some, these activities are not very appealing because doing such, whether indoor or outdoor, would mean hurting some joints and applying pressure on the heels, the legs, and even in the head.

As an alternative, most people choose rowing. Like running, rowing makes every muscle moving and functioning that increases the amount of body activity. And since it involves all the muscles needed to work, rowing can be classified as a total body workout. However, rowing does not come in handy. To do this, you need to have a boat, paddle, lake or river, and a group of friends who also like the sport. And so, when there are many requirements involved just to make one exercise, you might tend to seek for another exercise.

But before considering such idea, you have to try using rowing machine first. Rowing machines are made to replicate the actual exercise made on water. Like the actual rowing, exercising on a rowing machine makes the upper and lower body to work. And the good thing about this is that you can work you legs, arms, shins, shoulders, and lower back without inflicting any impact on the joints.

The following might be helpful to develop your aerobic routines on a rowing machine:

Trying out different rowing machines.

There are four general types of rowing machines: the hydraulic resistance machine, air resistance machine, magnetic resistance machine, and the water resistance machine. Each has different nature but with the same aim of providing total body work out. For instance, the air rowing machine sources its resistance through a fan. The intensity of the work out depends on how fast you row.

Using proper rowing techniques.

Learning how to row is as easy as riding a bicycle machine. All you have to do is to pull the handle in your direction while sliding your seat by pushing your legs. But as easy as it may sound, it might take a while to realize whether you are properly doing the right rowing technique. One big tip to share is to sit properly on the rowing machine while maintaining the proper posture every time you take the stroke. If you purpose is to improve your strength and stamina, much harder intensity of rowing is needed. But overworking will not do the job if you are on the high intensity. This is the rule: if you are working on light intensity, you can row at your aerobic phase and if you are rowing on a much heavier intensity, do it slowly.

Rowing with the right resistance.

The strength of your rowing will determine the effect of your exercise on your body. The harder you row means you can tone and strengthen your muscles while rowing for long hours increases your stamina. Make sure though you are able to keep up with the type of rowing resistance you are using.

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