No, Really – Why Should I Exercise?


“I work hard, I’m on the move all week – so, give me one good reason why I should exercise,” you might say. Well, for one thing, you’ve heard of ‘use it or lose it.’ If we don’t use our bodies, as they were meant to be used, our muscles atrophy, arteries clog, bones lose minerals, joints lose stability, our strength disintegrates, our energy dissipates and, eventually, we die.

“OK…give me another reason.”

I could give you lots of reasons to exercise. But why not just listen to your own body? To your aching back, your sore shoulder or swollen knee. Listen to your balance and bone density. Your stamina, toning and flexibility. Listen to your weight. And your heart.

“Yet we’re living longer, looking younger and enjoying comforts our ancestors never dreamed of!” you continue to argue. Yes, we are, but at what price?

We are an integral part of the natural animal kingdom and for thousands of years we shared the most critical instinct of survival: hunting for food. Our bodies were designed for it. Our brains perfected it… but watch out for that human brain. The superior and superb human brain has “perfected” us out of every physical task we used to run, jump, leap, stretch, squat, lunge, heave, haul or bend for. And now when we do have to move – at least that perfect brain also created Aleve.

While our fellow animals still utilize their bodies to the max, we drive to the supermarket, sit at our computers, stare at our video games, nod with our iPods and fall asleep in front of our TVs. Ah, the good life. But aside from the Zoos and food farms and the Golden Retriever munching chips beside you on the couch – did you ever see an animal that was out of shape? A monkey too weak to swing? A tiger too tired to pounce?

Now take a long look in the mirror. Who do you see? Someone who’s tired of sucking in their stomach, sticking out their chest, icing their elbow or letting it all hang out? Do you look yourself in the eye and wonder, “When did this happen and how do I take back my life?”

It happened over the years and you take it back now. Today. For just 3 to 5 hours a week, of proper exercise, you can feel better, look younger, work harder, think sharper, play longer, sleep sounder, live healthier and be the active and vital person you always knew you could be.

So – give me one good reason why you shouldn’t be out exercising right now!

Aram Hovsepian is a certified Personal Trainer [], Corrective Exercise Specialist & Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach. To Learn more visit: Workoutmaster []

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