Modern Science Has Confirmed Strength Training Gives Best Results


It is now becoming apparent to many fitness professionals that the way we have been exercising since the 1980’s is now considered inefficient and obsolete.

Science has uncovered a new understanding about the how the body burns fat,Guest Posting keeps its muscle tone and how we can slow the aging process.

Many of the old ways of exercising involve a focus on burning calories in the hope that it will burn off unwanted excess body fat. Low intensity, single mode, long duration, “find something you enjoy” or “just go for a walk” type of activity was considered all that was necessary to achieve success.

Clearly this has not worked. The levels of obesity, overweight, chronic disease and accelerated aging have reached epidemic proportions in our world. New exercise methods that produce real results based on scientific developments will go a long way to solving these catastrophic health problems.

Weight loss exercise programs focused on stimulating hormones to increase the body’s metabolic engine creating a greater fat burning effect long after the exercise session is finished is the success orientated solution. Just burning a few calories at the time is no longer considered effective or productive long term.

Most people given the choice of long, slow, mind numbing ineffective exercise in comparison to a shorter, harder result producing exercise program would surely choose the latter. Why waste time (lots of time) to get little or zero results?

A proper program that will have the greatest health, weight loss benefits and slow the aging process must contain at least 60% strength training exercise. This type of exercise is unmatched in its effect on hormones, the chemical messengers of the body which have an enormous influence on everything from losing or gaining weight to how fast we age and how disease proof our body is.

Taking the time to exercise with a properly designed exercise program set up by a fitness professional will produce three times the results in half the time. There are also new skills to learn, you have to learn how to train harder and put more effort in to the program. No one expects a beginner to exercise at a high level of intensity but with time you can learn how to do this for very brief periods sometimes only a few seconds.

A progressive approach to exercise is what gets results, you need to keep improving at what you do otherwise there is no need for your body to make any changes. This is why people can exercise for years (even decades) and see very little or no improvements.

There is an old saying that “you can exercise long or you can exercise hard, but you can’t do both!” Keep this in mind when you perform your exercise program. Look for ways to increase the degree of difficulty as you get stronger – add more weight to the exercise, slow the movement down to make it harder or have less rest between sets of an exercise.

This is the sort of information you learn from an exercise professional, if they can’t teach you these things find another who can. You can catapult your results by learning from someone who has built up their knowledge and experience from working on the “coal face” as opposed to someone who has just learned from written material.

You can share in this pool of knowledge and apply it to get yourself results that will delight and astonish you. No matter what condition you are in right now, what age you are or what health problems you have get yourself started, restarted or upgrade your current exercise program and benefit from what modern science has now given us all.

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