Knee Pain – Exercises Or Stretches To Ease The Pain?


Hey DM.. can you help me? I’ve been going for brisk walks for about 6 months now. 2 weeks ago, I tried running instead, and I didnt warm up, but just started running. Felt pain in my knee but I thought it would go away once I stopped.. the next morning I could hardly walk. After a few hours, I could then walk again. Resting my leg is difficult because my job involves me to walk alot, so I can only do that on my off days from work. Its been a week since I’ve stopped my evening walks and tried to get as much rest as possible. I’ve still got slight pain on the side of my knee.. and I feel like I have to protect it and it feels unstable, especially if i am making a sharp turn. Its kinda hard to describe, and feels real ‘tight’. I’m wondering if there’s any special exercise or stretches you could point out?

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Dear Kneed-to-walk,

The best exercise you can do right now is to WALK INTO A PHYSICIAN’S CLINIC! What’s wrong with you? Unless you have been previously diagnosed with a knee problem, you really don’t know what you’re up against. This is especially the case since you need to walk a lot for your job. If your career was more of a sit-down desk job, then maybe it wouldn’t be as critical, but you still need to go see a physician though. The sooner the better! I’ve dislocated my left knee twice before, and that’s only made me more prone to further knee injuries. Your knee is something NOT to be taken lightly. Ask any footballer if you’re not convinced or those who have had to undergo open-knee surgeries all simply because they neglected it and failed to pay attention to the signs their body was giving from the very beginning.

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