Is Your Back Ready For Your Training Routine?


Having a strong back is a cornerstone in having a healthy, safe training routine. Unfortunately it’s also one of the most overlooked steps in weight training.

Back pain and/or injury can prevent you from getting in the gym and can lead to many other ailments. When your back is out of whack, it makes the most basic movements difficult. And it’s those very movements that can increase the effectiveness of any weight training program.

Let’s take the stiff-legged deadlift for example. It’s one of the most effective movements for developing a stronger core and hamstrings. However, suffering from a bad back will make any bending over from the waist nearly impossible. When you’re suffering from daily back pain, keeping the body upright becomes a struggle in itself.

In the case of a weak core, it become highly important to eliminate any weak points that may lead to future back pain. It’s also very important to stabilize those muscles around the core and keep them strong so that your back becomes a strong point instead of a hindrance.

Strengthening your lower lumbars and abs build a natural girdle/corset around your waist protecting your spine and enabling you to move easier without pain. I suffered from back pain when I was younger and the only thing that keeps me from having a relapse is keeping my core strong.

When training your abs, you want to make sure you contract the muscles as hard as you possibly can. Partial abs done on the floor don’t train the abs as effectively so doing hundreds of half reps don’t do much to help train the abs.

The truth is, your back is your foundation in training. If you’re able to build your abdominals to help protect and keep your back healthy, you’re well ahead of the crowd.

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