Is There a Really Link Between Exercise And A Clear Complexion?


As crazy as it sounds, exercise will enhance the look of your skin. Whether the exercise is, pumping some iron, or doing a complicated moon salutation yoga pose, it will all contribute to younger, fresher looking skin.

Why Exercise Helps With a Clear Complexion:

When you think of exercise you generally think of hard work,Guest Posting losing weight and usually it is a chore. Hardly anybody ever thinks that by taking part in regular exercise, their skin will really be rewarded! Surely that is more of a diet contribution than an exercise one?

So how on earth does exercise really help the skin?

Well, one benefit of exercising includes that when you exercise you sweat, and this helps to push out the toxins to the surface of the skin. It is then up to you to cleanse the face after workouts, but once you have, you will have cleaner, fresher looking skin.

Generally exercise increases circulation, delivers nutrients to the body, and it helps to prepare the body for a restful nights sleep. There are also links which say it helps to slow down ageing. Not bad for something that can be free!

What Exercise can do for the Skin:

So we know why exercise can help, but what exactly are all its benefits and how does it help? Here are some examples of how exercise helps to keep the skin happy and healthy:

It Flushes Away The Toxins Within The Body: Exercising causes us to sweat and most of the time we sweat out toxins within the body. This means that the more exercise that you do, the more toxins will be flushed. However, although it does flush them to the surface, it is your job to make sure that they are washed away. Cleansing after exercise is essential and it will really help to keep your skin clear.

Reduces Stress:

Stress really does play havoc on our skin. Usually when we are stressed, our skin breaks out, often causing acne. Exercise helps to relax the body in times of need and can therefore reduce the appearance of spot breakouts. The male hormone Androgen is what contributes to an acne flare up, but exercise helps to stop the adrenaline glands from producing the hormone as quickly as it usually does.

It Brings Oxygen to the Body:

Oxygen is really important to the body and it often makes the skin firmer and better nourished. The more oxygen we breathe into our lungs during exercise, the better. It keeps the heart pumping and allows us to burn off extra weight, as well as helping us to sweat. Always make sure you are getting enough oxygen into your lungs whilst you are exercising.

We Lose Weight:

The obvious thing we associate with exercise is losing weight. When you are overweight, you generally have skin which is quite dull in appearance. This is because you are not getting enough nutrients into the body, so losing weight will definitely help to make skin look healthier.

Promoting Collagen:

When we exercise, our bodies are promoting the collagen producing cells within the body. As you get older, these collagen producing cells generally slow down and as a result the skin becomes drier and less firm. Wrinkles also start to develop. So, when you exercise and it speeds up the collagen producing cells, you are helping to keep your body firmer, and younger looking, no matter how old you are!

Overall exercise provides plenty of benefits for the skin. The best thing about it is that it is actually free! They say that a 30 minute walk a day is sufficient to keep you fit a healthy, however if you do have the money you could always go to the gym.

Remember that you always have to cleanse after doing any form of exercise. This helps to clear the skin of any toxins that your body has sweat out during the exercise. Our skin is the largest organ on our body, and the benefits from exercise really are quite drastic and noticeable. So what are you waiting for? Start exercising your way to healthy skin today!

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