Increase Your Vertical Jump- Secrets Revealed


If your goal is to become a top-notched athlete…raise your vertical leap to 30“+…or you just want to impress your friends and dominate “above the rim” on the basketball court.

Here’s 4 tips to help you reach your goal…

Hip flexor stretches– first… get in a lunge position with your left knee on the ground and put your right foot as far forward as you can…then, drive your hips forward as far as possible, all the while keeping chest elevated. At this point attempt to position your left thigh at a 45 degree angle from the floor…are you there yet?–

Okay, now elevate your left hand, reaching for your head… lightly twist it to the right as you look over your shoulder…you should feel your abs and left hip flexor stretching…this technique should be done in a series of 2– 30 seconds reps.

Doing depth jumps– you can start out with a 6” box and work towards a 24” as you progress–but, begin by stepping off a box (height determined by your level of training) and quickly… as you touch the floor…forcefully leap into the air–repeat– using 15 seconds as your guideline. Your goal should be to avoid being grounded for the shortest time possible.

Pogo jump exercises–by leaping off the ground utilizing your ankles…while airborne– curling your toes upward. While conducting this maneuver, don’t allow your heels to touch the ground. Your skill at keeping your knees in a fix position while jumping and landing…as well as limiting your contact with the ground is very important.

Performing this technique in 20 second sets of 3…In as many reps as you can do… will actually greatly improve your vertical jump and prevent future ankle injuries.

Vertical jumps– one of the best ways to increase your vertical jump…is to practice your vertical jump! Believe it or not–some athletes…using learned proper techniques… showed as much as a 3” improvement in their vertical jump. You can find many resources on this topic available on the internet or in your local public library– that’ll illustrate proper form and technique.

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