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I receive many letters from women who stay at their homes looking after children. They want to look good, become fit and ask me how to achieve this. Some years ago I had a day job that took almost all of my time and use every free or not free minute to make exercises. There are several exercises that can be done while you are cooking, ironing or watching TV. I call this workout “Passive” because it involves only tightening up of some muscles.

The most problematic female spots are butt, hips and abs. How to tighten them up?

Imagine you are upright and ironing clothes. Start tightens up your butt, flex butt muscles, hold for 2-3 seconds and relax. Make 20 reps.

Hip exercise

Stay upright. Tighten up butt and legs, you must feel you lower body as a strong wall. Now lift left leg to the left side, return leg to the floor and lift right leg to the right side. Alternate legs and make 20 reps. You must feel tension in your left and right hips.

Abs exercise

In sitting position-for example while you are watching TV or sitting in front of the computer. Lift your knees up to the ceiling. You must feel tension in your lower ab muscles. If this exercise is difficult help yourself with hands – grab the chair and push down hands and lift the knees up. Hands will take away some difficulty.

Another abs exercise is again from sitting position. Straight one of the legs and lift the foot to the ceiling. Again help yourself with hands. If you want to make exercise more difficult – while lifting the foot bend the upper body to the legs. In this way you double influence your abs – their lower and upper parts.

Exercise for love handles from sitting position. Bend the body to the left side, hold for a second and bend to the right side. Try to do this without helping yourself with hands.

There are many possibilities to stay fit, to stay at your home and without going to expensive gyms. The only thing you need is your wish to change your life.

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