Exercises To Increase Vertical Leap


What is Vertical Leap?

Vertical jump is the jump height reach minus the standing reach height. The “standing reach” is how high you can extend one arm above your head while keeping both feet together and flat on the floor.

Having a high Vertical Leap is essential if you want to be a successful athlete

The most important point to always remember when trying to increase your vertical leap is to Warm Up. To warm up make sure you stretch properly, run up and down stairs and jog for a short period of time.

Basic Exercises To Increase Vertical Leap

Now I will describe 5 basic Vertical Leap exercises which will get you going on your goal of improving Vertical Leap. Please be very careful when performing this exercise, as there is a potential for injury

Running up and down stairs for a while is very useful as a warm up, or a full exercise. Don’t do too much or else you may wear our your legs. Use it as a quick warm up, or a full exercise.

1)Elevated Jumps. Place a step bench or flat platform on the ground. Stand on the platform, then jump backward onto the ground, concentrating on landing softly. Jump back onto the platform immediately, with a bouncing motion. Complete three sets of 10 repetitions.

2)Stomach Crunches . Stomach crunches, where while lying on your back, using your abs muscles and keeping your back straight, you rise up just enough to lift your shoulders off the ground. Do them for around 20 minutes a day.

3) Jumping Rope. Jumping rope can increase your vertical leap make sure you practice for at least 10 minutes a day.

4) Explosive Leg Jumps and Double Jumps. Face a secure platform and place your right foot on it. Jump as high as you can, concentrating on exploding off the right leg. Scissor your legs once in the air, then land with your left foot on the platform and your right foot on the floor. Gather yourself and explode upward again, this time off the left foot. Do three sets of 10 repetitions, resting for about 30 seconds to 1 minute between sets.

Execute a double jump by jumping as high as possible with both feet from a stationary position. Jump again immediately upon landing, using less effort. Repeat until you’ve accomplished three sets of 10 jumps each.

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