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Most people lead sedentary lifestyles in front of a T.V,Guest Posting their home computer or just doing nothing except sitting around. Even more alarming is the fact that children prefer playing computer games rather than getting health outdoor exercise that is vital to good health. It is a fact stressed over and over in every health book, diet program and by every doctor that exercise is crucial to good health. Following regular exercise no matter what type it is good for your heart, your blood pressure, your skin tone, to reduce cholesterol and hundreds of other benefits that most people are generally aware of. Inactivity is hazardous to your health and can result in heart attacks, disease, strokes and a whole lot more bad things.

It’s never too late for you to start exercising.

No matter what age you are starting a program of exercise is going to be good for you. This does not mean dashing out to the nearest gym everyday but there are simple ways of increasing your exercise in average everyday life. The whole key here is to become more active and energetic.

Start slowing and work your way up to a fitter body.

If you are a couch potato starting from the beginning in baby steps is certainly the most sensible way of getting fit. You may hate exercise with a passion but you know it is going to be the answer to a younger healthier looking body, a better appetite and zest for life as well. You can start with the little things in life to become more active without following all sorts of programs like a gym instructor would promote.

Here are a few ideas that will make a difference!

  • Park Further away from the shopping mall and walk to the entrance.
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift
  • Visit the park with your pet
  • Work in the garden
  • Wash your car and your home windows yourself
  • Play with the kids. Lose the T.V remote and get up to change the channels
  • Walk round the block often
  • Go window shopping
  • Play with your children or the neighbors if you have not got any
  • Dance to your favorite music even if you are alone at home.

Although some of these may seem insignificant they all burn calories and get your heart beating faster. Small bits of exercise like this regularly will increase your fitness level albeit slowly.

Motivate yourself to exercise even more.

If you would like to exercise at a gym or perhaps even go jogging or cycling then it is always great to do it with someone. Recruit one of your friends to go on a regular exercise trip daily and it will be so much more enjoyable for you. Most importantly try and make it an enjoyable habit. Where people go wrong is that they make exercise a punishment and who wants to punish themselves right? What can help is setting your self a fitness goal. Perhaps you want to go on a hiking vacation and this is a goal you want to work towards. Perhaps you want to lose a few inches to fit into an old pair of your favorite pair of jeans?

Take part in a fun sport rather than a gym

I personally hate the idea of a gym and will give you a hundreds reasons not to go to one. Getting Athletes foot in the showers, sweaty equipment, stares from people etc.

It may be more desirable to you to choose a sport that you would like to participate in for exercise. Tennis, basketball, squash, softball and of course dozens of others can be chosen according to your preferences. Taking part with family or friends is a great way to enjoy your choice of sports and you will get healthy exercise at the same time.

You can get an exercise machine if you really have to.

Some useful exercise machines that may be a better choice if you prefer exercising in private can be a stationary bicycle treadmill or a walker. You can listen to music while using them or even watch T.V. At the end of the day this is just as good exercise as any. The best time to exercise is in the morning though there is certainly nothing wrong with exercising at any time of the day.

Maker it fun to exercise a certain amount everyday in a standard way while also being more active in the day to day things we mentioned above. The only exercise you will do is the type you really must enjoy, otherwise you will fall back into the old couch potato ways and that is not good for your health at all.

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