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When it comes to selecting the right bodybuilding routines to fit into your social life, is always a dilemma but by following this simple 3 day a week routine, you will have plenty of time left for your family and social life.

When you join a gym for the first time, make sure to get the proper instruction, from a qualified trainer, on all exercises. Make sure to start off light in the first training session, and do only one set per exercise. You might be a little sore the next day, that is absolutely normal and it only shows that you have trained well.

After two weeks or so, you may begin to perform two sets for each of the exercises. When you have been training for about three months, you can increase to a maximum of three sets of all the exercises. Remember always do a couple of easy warm-up sets of 20-30 repetitions (reps), to get the blood flowing into the working muscle.

For each exercise listed below, you will do a maximum of around 10-12 reps for each. Make sure that the weights you are using in each exercise are heavy enough, so the end of the last rep should be nearly impossible to carry out. Next time you hit the gym again, you should try to increase the weights or reps you are doing. Increase the weight by one pound on all exercises once a week to ensure you are progressing.

Important: Have a bottle of fresh water with you every time you hit the gym, as you will lose a lot of fluid, in the form of sweat, during an exercise session!

If you want to view all the below listed exercises in action, then try to search for each one of them on Google, as there are tons of videos of different exercises on the net.

NOTE: Diet or exercise regimes should not be embarked on without seeking the advice of a health care professional.

Monday – Leg session day


Squats or Leg Press 1-3/10-12

Leg Extension 1-3/10-12

Leg Curl 1-3/10-12

Standing Calf Raise 1-3/10-12

Leg Raise 1-3/10-12

Wednesday – Chest, shoulder and biceps session day


Incline Bench Press 1-3/10-12

Close Grip Bench Press 1-3/10-12

Behind Neck Shoulder Press 1-3/10-12

Lateral Raise 1-3/10-12

Dumbell Biceps Curl 1-3/10-12

Friday – Back, triceps and abdominal session day


Shoulder Width Lat Pulldown 1-3/10-12

Close Grip Seated Pulley Row 1-3/10-12

Triceps Pushdown 1-3/10-12

Crunches 1-3/10-12

Hyper Extension 1-3/10-12

Shrugs 1-3/10-12

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