Exercise Pays Cash Too


It is universally acknowledged that physical exercise pays healthy dividends. The medical documents on the subject list improvement of cardiovascular functions, toning and strengthening of muscles, weight control, longevity, among other things. But would you expect actual cash to be included in those “other things?”

Maybe not. But listen to my little fortune telling.

The benefits of exercise are there, regardless of age or stage in life. In an article in the Journal of the American Medical Directors Association recently, members of the medical community have been seeking to promote physical activity among the elderly.

We may not even be able to put a price tag on the benefits of exercise in

  • preventing osteoporosis
  • improving mental health
  • preventing and reversing obesity, and
  • improving general health

I also have to mention how your physical exercise program makes you lose stuff. Water, for example. Well, this is very obvious. If you haven’t been losing more than your usual amount of water you need to work out harder, walk or run for a little longer, until you sweat. Then make sure you drink enough water to replenish body fluids. Now for the cash part…Exercise gives you cash?

The odds are much better than winning the lottery – I know this. It happens folks! My only plausible explanation for this is that someone who walks my exercise trail in our neighborhood park has been losing weight. We found two one-dollar bills this morning on the trail.

Somebody is getting weight loss results. Their clothes are not tight anymore. The extra cash they carry is no longer tightly held by their slacks. They are losing the contents of their pockets, and it’s (though indirectly) as a result of the exercise.

Now, what if they were to carry Benjamin Franklin’s instead of George Washington’s? Then, for those of us who keep watching our steps, physical exercise would really pay.

We should not be mistaken, even if you don’t believe there is any chance of you finding $100 a day for every day you exercise for the rest of your life, the odds are very great that the benefits to your health will be there. And chances are, you won’t be around to realize these benefits if you don’t exercise, so start moving.

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