Exercise – Improving Your Chest Muscles


Everybody can improve the chest muscle by lifting weights with just a little know-how. I will tell you how you can build a strong and muscular chest with only a few of the very best weight lifting exercises.

The chest exercise routine goes as follows:

1. Incline Dumbbell Press for improving your upper chest muscle. Put a training bench at a 25- to 30-degree angle – at that angle you’ll get the maximum lifting emphasis. Lift the weight slowly to shoulder level and always try to keep your upper arms parallel to the ground and your elbows at about 90 degrees. Follow a triangular motion – the weight you are lifting should meet at the midline above your chest and shoulders. Try to visualize a smooth lifting motion, and also try to focus on the “squeeze” of the chest muscles. You have to lower the weight in this exercise more slowly than you lift it. The lowering phase in this exercise will improve your weight lifting strength, but also the coordination as well. Important note: Never lift the weight out over your stomach or behind your head. Keep it vertical all the time.

2. Flat Dumbbell Presses. Begin the exercise with lifting the weights with your upper arms parallel to the ground, try to keep your wrists as tight and straight as possible. Now move the weights upward slowly and controlled until they meet above the middle of your chest. Continue in this same manner until your upper arms are just a little below parallel to the floor. You should never move too fast during any weight lifting exercise, always stay in full control and always try to focus on proper form, to prevent hurting yourself. Important note: Don’t ever lift your head or your shoulders off the bench, always try to keep them flat.

3. Incline Dumbbell Flyes. Just like the first exercise, you should set your incline bench at a 25- to 30-degree angle, and then just start in the very same position you did with the incline dumbbell presses, also described in the first exercise. In this exercise you should use a grip where your palms are facing each other. While you lift the weight, you should also try to follow a triangular motion, but there is a little twist in this one – this time put an arc into the lifting motion. In this exercise your arms will arch out while you lowering the weight and then up and in when you are raising it. Make sure to lift the weight directly against gravity, and not out over your stomach. Try to do these three exercises at least once per week, you can do them along with other exercises for other body parts. Try to always stay in control when lift a weight – this is very important, otherwise you may hurt yourself!

NOTE: Always consult with a doctor before starting any kind of weight lifting routine.

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