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Most of us hope that the exercise are of use. Do things in somehow different may lead to different result. How to warm up before exercise, is the food good for exercising, what should to do to avoid heat stroke, and so on. In this article, we will give you detailed suggestions.

Warm Before ExerciseThe time that you put on warm-up need to be 10%-20% of the total exercise. For example,Guest Posting if you would do aerobic exercise nearly for an hour, spend about 10 minutes for the pre-exercise activity is better. Due to the different sports kinds, different people, season and temperature, the time may be different. But the principle of warm-up is to feel somehow hot and little sweat. Or you can make decision to stop it by heart rate. When the heart rate arrives about 60%-70% of the sport top heart rate, you may stop the warm-up exercise. There are two methods to calculate the maximum heart rate, most used is the age deduced from 220, Let’s have a comparison, if you are 20 years old, your maximum heart rate is 200. It will be more easy to calculate the exercise heart rate.

How to warm upThere are many parts of bodies to be prepared, such as muscle, thigh, calf and back.

Exercise on morning

1. Put the clothes you will wear tomorrow. This save more time and more efficiency for the reason that you can directly wear on the shoes, clothes with no delay.

2. Put two alarm clocks in the room, separate them at two places, one can be touched and another can not touch on the bed. This make you have to get up for the exercise.

3. Find a partner who also would like to do sports. Running with a partner is always good thing. How about take it into consideration? Once you can not keep up, your friend will call you and you have to do it.

Exercise in afternoon or at night

1. Make a exercise plan and keep on that. Do not give up exercise for other temporary things. Try to make the exercise time at the night of Sunday. It there are some little revise, that also will be ok, do not be influenced by it.

2. If you would exercise outside, you need to take care of yourself. Drink more water to avoid dehydration or hear stroke.

3. There must be a inteval of 2 hours between exercise and sleep, one hour is the least.

The common aerobic exercise includes fast walking, skating, rope skipping, basketball, football, Shadow boxing, do aerobics, and so on.

Read for aerobic exercise

1.Eat some food that have rich amino acids. Muscles become tense because of pain when fat are consumed. So take in some food rich in amino acids will relieve the pain and be good for your muscle.

2. Drink a hot drink before exercise. This quickly warm up your body and make the movement to a higher level.

3. After the sports, take some relax activity.

Mistakes of sports and fitness

1. Take more sporting make body strongerDo excessive movement may do bad to health. Particularly to those who start sports not long before. However, we do not gain anything when exercising, but at the time you are resting. And the effect will decrease to some extent. The best choice is to take the adjustment exercise and achieve best effect.

2. Can not take food ahead of exercisingThis all depends. The sports effect may be better if eat foods before exercise. But the same effect is that walk after dinner will do better.

3. Exercise in morningYou have to do the training in the army, or you do not always exercise in moring. You can determine the time and do it anytime. Except some hot summer, to avoid heat stroke, you have to exercise in morning.

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