Can there be More to Exercising than Just the Body You Desire?


Is it the great physical body that you are seeking or how your beautiful body will help you connect to your mind and spirit? What if I told you that you might just find so much more than your beautiful body when you start exercising and getting your body in great physical shape? What if you looked at exercise in a little different way that would help you find that beautiful person and spirit that has been hiding inside your physical body? As we Americans and people throughout the world see more and more beautiful bodies on both televisions and in magazines we tend to want to have these bodies. If I told you that by just focusing on getting this beautiful body you may become discouraged and this may lead to not attaining the goal you set out to attain, what would you think?

What I am trying to illustrate here is through focusing your intentions on something more that just the process of working out, to shifting your attitude to freeing your body and soul to a higher consciousness level. By allowing the physical process of exercise to open the doors to a more purposeful life one may find that the joy of living is a much higher reward than the beautiful body.

In using the body and the physical exercise to open yourself to a more fulfilled life you can transform your life and really become alive again. Stating the intention of your workout to connect the mind, body and spiritual aspects of your life would allow you to use your time exercising at the gym or in a yoga class not only to get healthy but also to connect with your soul and higher self.

Many of us may be aware of how physical activity can release the negative energy, such as stress, from our bodies. Exercise can free the body and mind to feel more vibrant, more joy for life and help to open yourself up to receiving the higher vibrations of creativity and purpose in your life. Physical fitness can be the starting place to open a pathway to harmonious living.

One of the ways you can really open yourself to more fulfillment is to focus your intention on what you want to get out of your exercise and physical activity. Keep in mind that you are using this activity to also open pathways to your mind, body and spirit. Other thoughts or intentions you can hold in your minds eyes is how you want to feel inside, such as a feeling of well being and being whole and complete just as you are in this moment.

You should not be too hard on yourself by setting unrealistic goals and definitely do not criticize yourself. You want to connect to yourself and pay attention to how you are feeling, both emotionally and physically. Criticizing yourself will only defeat the purpose of your exercise. The purpose of your exercise program should be to feel better about yourself and the connection to your mind, body and spirit.

Also pay attention to how certain parts of your body may be communicating to you. Pay attention to how your legs are feeling, your abs, your arms and other parts of your body both internally and externally. See if there is any negative or emotional energy that is being released as you are working out. Make sure you are breathing deeply, relaxing and releasing stress, so that you are more open to releasing any blocks to your connection to your mind, body and spirit.

Mostly have fun, for that’s a big part of our experience here on this planet. Pay attention to how you and your body are feeling and look to see if you are connecting to something more than just your physical body but a connecting to this amazing universe you are a part of.

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