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Our society has become more health-conscious today. There has been an increased focus on fitness and exercise. It is a common myth that thin and slim people are fit. Fitness refers to the fitness of mind and body. A good exercise routine goes a long way in maintaining good health. Exercise enables an individual to sustain the daily pressures of life look forward to the day with renewed vigor.

Abdominal exercises, or ab workouts, concentrate on a set of exercises for the abdominal muscles. These include rectus abdominous, serratus, linea similunaris, linea transversae, transversalis and intercostals to name a few. A few others are internal and external obliques, psoas, linea and the alba. Most people call it six-pack abs. It is important to choose ab workouts, which target all the muscles in the area of the abdomen. The stomach is usually a problem area for people. Stomach crunches are very popular among exercisers. They help in tightening the muscles. The right ab workouts can be an excellent part of cardiovascular workouts. However, incorrect ab workouts may result in unnecessary strain to the back or other muscles.

A fitness ball, which is also known as a stability ball, is an inflatable piece of equipment. It looks like an oversize beach ball after inflation. It is useful for workouts of core muscles like the abdomen, chest and back. While exercising, it creates instability and forces the exerciser to use core muscles to create a balance.

A treadmill is a low impact exercise machine. It allows a person to jog, run or walk on a running or a moving belt. These treadmills can be manual or motorized machines.

Stationary Bikes, ab rollers and ab chairs are some of the popularly used ab machines. Sit-ups, crunches and various ab gadgets play a significant role in getting rid of the excess flab. Several people practice Yoga to achieve a perfect body and a peaceful mind. It is important to remember that exercise is a lifetime commitment and it should be included in a person’s daily routine for maximum effectiveness.

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