Zumba Dance Classes – Top Mistakes to Avoid Before You Take a Zumba Class


Have you been looking at Zumba lately?

Are you looking to take some Zumba dance classes but have been a little leery, intimidated or just shy about it? Well forget all that because a Zumba class is just plain – FUN! Here are the Top 3 tips to know in choosing Zumba Dance Classes

Tip #1:

Location, location, location – Check it out first. Find out what kind of facility, what type of flooring. The better the flooring the easier it is on your feet. You will be less prone to injuries – such as shin splints. You can generally tell if a floor has a concrete base, you will feel it in your calves after a good cardio. The best possible floor to workout on is a floating floor. One that has a layer of “cushioning” between the base and the wood.

Tip #2

Research the instructor – Make sure the instructor teaching is a Certified Zumba Instructor. Inquire about the type of fitness background he or she has. Do they have other certifications? Preferably you want a Zumba instructor that has been certified as a personal trainer. Why? He or she can then help you with any sticking points you might have in shedding those hard to shed fat stores.

Though it is not required by Zumba, a Certified Zumba Instructor with a strong fitness background is better qualified to teach you. They have a knowledge base of – anatomy, physiology, nutrition and they know how a body works, what are the best foods to eat that will aid you in shedding body fat. They can guide & assist you in discovering what types of foods are the best to help boost your metabolism and what the top stretches to perform are. A crucial part of good exercise science is to always stretch before and after your Zumba dance classes.

Tip #3

Does you Zumba Instructor have a dance background? Either trained in the classics or trained in the ballroom. This can help immeasurably in getting the maximum benefits from your Zumba dance classes. Don’t shrug this tip off!

All of these things together, help make your Zumba dance classes the “party” that they are going to be.

In Summary:

Zumba dance classes [http://www.zumbafitnessnj.com] are a fat burning, body shaping and fun workout program and the best part is any one any age can get results fast!

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