Walking and Fat Burn – How Much Does it Help?


Every single movement that you make with your body burns some amount of calories, however small. With that in mind, the correlation between walking and fat burn is pretty obvious – walking does help to burn fat. The question is, just how much fat does walking burn? The answer is probably not as much as you might hope. If you really want to shed some extra pounds, running is the way to go. The truth is, not everyone can just get up and starting running after years of being sedentary. You’ve got to start somewhere, and that’s where walking comes in.

Walking burns less than a third as much calories as running the same amount of time. However, it’s important to keep some perspective. After all, doing a little bit of walking is better than doing nothing at all. On top of that, almost anyone can do a little bit of running, even if it’s only for a moment. It is vital to try and push yourself a little bit.

Walking, and then running for a short time afterward, and then returning to walking to regain your strength is a very basic form of what’s called interval training. Given the option, you should always do this, as it will provide better results than either walking the whole time, or running for a short spurt, getting tired, and stopping. As long as you stick to it, walking and fat burn can go hand in hand. Just continue to work toward more running and less walking in order to burn the most fat.

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