The Wii Fit Games Put “Fun” Back Into Getting Fit


When we were kids we got into shape by running and playing games. As we got older we put down these same games for the responsibilities of adulthood. Now whole families can get fit by playing Wii fit games. Fun has come back to fitness!

The Wii Fit is actually packaged with a few games. You can do aerobics, strength training, maybe yoga is more your style, and balance type games. These are very simplistic games though, so you may soon be looking to try out some of the other Wii fit games.

The We Ski is one of the newer Wii fit games that is designed for family fun and fitness. This is of course centered on snow skiing. You can zoom through the slopes even with your family and friends. You can play with as many as 4 players, which makes it perfect even in party situations.

This games actually 14 exciting ski courses. There are those suited to the beginners, and those that are more in the intermediate class of skier. Then for the advanced skiers there is the black diamonds.

You and your family or friends can race down through the different slopes. You can do racing and the slaloms. There is also the freestyle section and the moguls to have fun with. But you don’t have to limit yourself you can also go to Ski School, do the Search and Rescue, the Centipede Races. You can even ski at night if you choose. You can even swap photos with your family or others through the WiiConnect24.

Another great one of the Wii games to try is the Shaun White Snowboarding Road Trip. It is done by using the Wii balance board. This game is great if you are a beginner because Shaun White will be the person showing you how to snowboard. You will even learn some tricks you did know before.

This game even offers courses in Europe, Park City, Japan, and Alaska to thrill you. As you lean forward you will increase your speed and then just tilt back a bit to slow yourself down. You can almost feel yourself actually go down the mountains when you are on the balance board.

You can adjust the game to be controlled to the level of acuteness, which you require. It has a high, low and a medium setting when it comes to this. This setting is for how quickly or slowly the board reacts to your movements during the game.

There are several different methods for doing tricks by using the Wii remote. You can stay on the slopes provided or you can traverse off through the wooded areas. Park City is the place to do most of your tricks.

These are just a few of the Wii fit games that you can have fun with on your Wii system. There are several more that you can discover too. Many more games are being brought out all the time.Click the link to find more games.

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